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220 Volt - 2014 Walking In Starlight
220 Volt have been on and off the map since their 80's heyday, with albums sporadically released in 1997 and 2005. However this new set in 2014 shows some of the style from their late 80's period, which can only be encouraging for some of the GDM readers.

AC/DC - 2014 Rock Or Bust
With the recent tumultuous events surrounding AC/DC, it's safe to say their first album since 2008's 'Black Ice' has been overshadowed somewhat by founding member Malcolm Young's sad battle with dementia and Phil Rudd's recent arrest and apparent decline into drug induced oblivion. Musically it does nothing to influence the band, with the trademark sound as present as ever and probably more blatant than 'Black Ice' itself. Keeping things even simpler most of the songs are three minutes or less and the album clock in under 35 minutes, somewhat of a rarity in an age where every album seems to contain 15 songs and go over an hour.

Accept - 2014 Blind Rage
Something about this album just doesn't quite hit the mark for me. It's not genuinely heavy and the bands trademark vocals harmonies and signature sounds fall flat.

Adams, Ryan - 2014 Ryan Adams
In recent times, Ryan Adam's sound has become more centered in rock, which he demonstrates nicely on this self titled 2014 release. He ventures into Jackson Browne territory. In fact, this whole platter has a `Lawyers In Love' vibe in it's delivery

Adriangale - 2014 Defiance
Take nothing away from these songs. It still sounds remarkably good, and like Harem Scarem before them, this band have their own signature brand that no one has been able to emulate yet. Investigate with confidence.

Alien - 2014 Eternity
It must seem strange how a band can reinvent 1988 and still make it feel relevant to those who enjoy melodic rock nearly two and half decades on.

Amaranthe - 2014 Massive Addictive
Of the three Amaranthe albums thus far, I feel that 'Massive Addictive' is slightly behind the first two. Unless I spend an inordinate amount of time with this one, will it move ahead in popularity' but I somehow don't think so.

Ammotrack - 2014 Raise Your Hands
I know there a few Reckless Love supporters on this site. Therefore, it's about time to be introduced to the next wave of Scandi glam metal meets melodic rock.. Ammotrack.

Angels Or Kings - 2014 Kings Of Nowhere
If you've read many of my articles during 2014, you will have singled out how well British AOR acts have fared. You can add Angels Or Kings to this list. Better known as AOK during their previous incarnation during the early 70's, the band were snuffed out by the prevailing grunge scene, but like many others that have resurrected themselves in the 21st century, they have have come back to life better than ever.

Aniday - 2014 Aniday
Aniday have produced an album of first class melodic hard rock, which should appeal to not just Robby Valentine followers but also to a wider audience. It may be a little premature but I think this record is already nailed on to be one of the releases of the year.

Anthem - 2014 Absolute World
These Japanese metallers just keep on 'keeping on'. Out of all the established bands from Japan, Anthem have proved to be the most consistent and reliable. This latest set of songs is full of spitire and brimstone; polished and heavy as horses.. which is just the way I like it!

Asia - 2014 Gravitas
Overall, it's an OK listen, but not a completely convincing exercise for mine. The songs drift between prog, symphonic and AOR, so that should keep Asia's fanbase happy in the short term. However, new boy Sam Coulson must feel under-utilised on this CD, but grateful for the experience nonetheless.

Asia - 2014 High Voltage: Live
I doubt that general listeners will flock to this, though Asia collectors and hard-core fans will pounce on it with gusto.

Bad Radiator - 2014 Shanghai
This is a band well worth supporting. You could do what I did late last year, by contacting the band and buying all three of their CDs in one go. A good investment I reckon.

Bailey - 2014 Long Way Down
Nigel Bailey is two-for-two with fine melodic English-styled rock this year. This is a bit harder than the Three Lions album, and there are enough guitars here to whet most anyone's appetite. I think most of you would enjoy the whole album.
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