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220 Volt - 2014 Walking In Starlight
220 Volt have been on and off the map since their 80's heyday, with albums sporadically released in 1997 and 2005. However this new set in 2014 shows some of the style from their late 80's period, which can only be encouraging for some of the GDM readers.

AC/DC - 2014 Rock Or Bust
With the recent tumultuous events surrounding AC/DC, it's safe to say their first album since 2008's 'Black Ice' has been overshadowed somewhat by founding member Malcolm Young's sad battle with dementia and Phil Rudd's recent arrest and apparent decline into drug induced oblivion. Musically it does nothing to influence the band, with the trademark sound as present as ever and probably more blatant than 'Black Ice' itself. Keeping things even simpler most of the songs are three minutes or less and the album clock in under 35 minutes, somewhat of a rarity in an age where every album seems to contain 15 songs and go over an hour.

Accept - 2014 Blind Rage
Something about this album just doesn't quite hit the mark for me. It's not genuinely heavy and the bands trademark vocals harmonies and signature sounds fall flat.

Adams, Ryan - 2014 Ryan Adams
In recent times, Ryan Adam's sound has become more centered in rock, which he demonstrates nicely on this self titled 2014 release. He ventures into Jackson Browne territory. In fact, this whole platter has a `Lawyers In Love' vibe in it's delivery

Adriangale - 2014 Defiance
Take nothing away from these songs. It still sounds remarkably good, and like Harem Scarem before them, this band have their own signature brand that no one has been able to emulate yet. Investigate with confidence.

Alien - 2014 Eternity
It must seem strange how a band can reinvent 1988 and still make it feel relevant to those who enjoy melodic rock nearly two and half decades on.

Amaranthe - 2014 Massive Addictive
Of the three Amaranthe albums thus far, I feel that 'Massive Addictive' is slightly behind the first two. Unless I spend an inordinate amount of time with this one, will it move ahead in popularity' but I somehow don't think so.

Ammotrack - 2014 Raise Your Hands
I know there a few Reckless Love supporters on this site. Therefore, it's about time to be introduced to the next wave of Scandi glam metal meets melodic rock.. Ammotrack.

Angels Or Kings - 2014 Kings Of Nowhere
If you've read many of my articles during 2014, you will have singled out how well British AOR acts have fared. You can add Angels Or Kings to this list. Better known as AOK during their previous incarnation during the early 70's, the band were snuffed out by the prevailing grunge scene, but like many others that have resurrected themselves in the 21st century, they have have come back to life better than ever.

Aniday - 2014 Aniday
Aniday have produced an album of first class melodic hard rock, which should appeal to not just Robby Valentine followers but also to a wider audience. It may be a little premature but I think this record is already nailed on to be one of the releases of the year.

Anthem - 2014 Absolute World
These Japanese metallers just keep on 'keeping on'. Out of all the established bands from Japan, Anthem have proved to be the most consistent and reliable. This latest set of songs is full of spitire and brimstone; polished and heavy as horses.. which is just the way I like it!

Asia - 2014 Gravitas
Overall, it's an OK listen, but not a completely convincing exercise for mine. The songs drift between prog, symphonic and AOR, so that should keep Asia's fanbase happy in the short term. However, new boy Sam Coulson must feel under-utilised on this CD, but grateful for the experience nonetheless.

Asia - 2014 High Voltage: Live
I doubt that general listeners will flock to this, though Asia collectors and hard-core fans will pounce on it with gusto.

Bad Radiator - 2014 Shanghai
This is a band well worth supporting. You could do what I did late last year, by contacting the band and buying all three of their CDs in one go. A good investment I reckon.

Bailey - 2014 Long Way Down
Nigel Bailey is two-for-two with fine melodic English-styled rock this year. This is a bit harder than the Three Lions album, and there are enough guitars here to whet most anyone's appetite. I think most of you would enjoy the whole album.

Band Of Skulls - 2014 Himalayan
I can't find a poor track among the dozen. When was the last time you could honestly say that? Now you will probably be thinking this is not your kind of thing, with no mention of Survivor, Toto, Journey etc., so of course you can take it or leave it, but please at least inquire!

Bayman, Dion - 2014 Afterburn
In a land filled with over-rated sportsmen and dodgy politicians, Australia needs a new hero. I vote for Dion Bayman!

Beautiful Beast - 2014 Kick Down The Barricades
Hair metal is alive and well with the Beastly ones leading the way. There's no hint of modern metal. It's all about the 80's baby! There's no excuse, no apology, no damn caring about the modern age, and that's the way we like it!

Billy Thermal - 2014 Billy Thermal
He's better known as one-half of the songwriting team of Steinberg/Kelly. A duo who were all over the songwriting credits of top artists during the 80's, but Billy Steinberg had more to his bow than just songwriting.

Black Tora - 2014 Black Tora
I'm having a load of fun with 'Black Tora'. Released back in late May 2014, anyone that loves old school 80's metal done real well should check this band out. Added to this, if you like your metal played with tasty guitar riffs and licks and with a modicum of melody, then you really don't have an excuse.

Blueminded - 2014 Blueminded EP
I hope we hear more from these Dutchies, as this is a very impressive announcement from this relatively new band. Check them out!

Brother Firetribe - 2014 Diamond In The Firepit
They'v been away for five years, but they return to a rapturous welcome!

Bullet (Sweden) - 2014 Storm Of Blades
Another superlative effort from Bullet, a band who truly understand the philosophy of heavy metal and how it's supposed to sound.

Bush, Stan - 2014 The Ultimate
I don't seem to have any problem playing this one over and over, so I'm quite sure this will be one of those go-to albums for me. If you're a fan of Stan, you'll definitely want to rush out and get this. You can count on this being in my top ten for the year.

By, Kjetil - 2014 Better Days (feat Robin Beck)
Kjetil has been in the public eye since his 1996 debut, so on average it takes him between five and six years per release. Not quite in the Boston timeframe of staggered releases, but I'm hopeful that he can make this a more regular enterprise. He certainly has heaps to offer, and 'Better Days' might just be the platform for him to hit the studio more often. Record labels please step up!

Caruso, Dave - 2014 Cardboard Vegas Roundabout
'Cardboard Vegas Roundabout' is worthy of the praise it's getting among the power pop intelligentsia. The music is fresh, catchy and above all original. Give Dave Caruso your support and check out his colorful web site for more info.

Confess - 2014 Jail
Described more as Motley Crue rather than Poison, these Swedes take glam and sleaze metal to an altogether diferent place. How about 'Jail'?

Cullooden - 2014 Silent Scream
'Silent Scream' must surely rank as one of the best rookie albums of 2014, and what's more astounding, that this album has so much traction for something that was released back in the first week of January 2014. There's very little left to be said, other than to say 'totally recommended'!

Dalton - 2014 Pit Stop
Great to see the Dalton boys back. It doesn't look as if they've lost anything after twenty plus years. All the songs are short, nothing over 5 minutes, but after a promising start, the consistency doesn't quite hold for the entire album.

Dark Horse (Paul Laine) - 2014 Let It Ride
Paul Laine has been spinning this new Canadian band since 2012. The genre they operate in is called Rebel Rock Country. That's a new one on me, but I reckon this lot could span contrasting genres like none before them!

Daylight Robbery - 2014 Falling Back To Earth
There's no doubt that DR have something to offer, but this is far too slick and smooth that even I (biggest AOR-jar head on the planet), couldn't quite get into. I much preferred the heavier climes of 'Cross Your Heart..'..

Dianno, Paul - 2014 The Beast Arises
So here we have Paul performing live in Krakow, Poland in April of this year at some festival with a bunch of hired guns adeptly playing note for note all the early Maiden classics. Then there's Dianno himself - words can barely describe the farce contained within this miraculously released piece of rubbish.

Dynazty - 2014 Renatus
These Swedish meloric rockers have definitely gone up a notch in terms of heaviness. Not so melodic glam metal as before, but still very good.

Edoff, Martina - 2014 Martina Edoff
Martina's first love has always been female fronted hard rock. The Wilson sisters and Heart have had a huge influence on her musical life, and though you don't quite hear it consistently on this debut CD, the sentiment and spirit is no doubt close by.

Firewolfe - 2014 We Rule The Night
There is some reasonable hard rock/metal here, but for me, I'm looking for something exceptional, and 'We Rule The Night' doesn't quite do it for me I'm afraid.

FM (UK) - 2014 Futurama [ep]
'Futurama' follows a path of previous EP releases going back some twenty years. Steve Overland describes it as their most successful EP yet, and who would disagree with the Guvnor?! Add this neat little CD to the FM collection why don't you.

Fourth Dimensional Beings - 2014 Alien History
Not strictly in the AOR or hard rock scheme of things, but as a follower of the Granati Bros legacy, it's always good to see what they are up to. Pittsburgh would be a poorer place musically without their contribution. An eclectic set by the duo known as the Fourth Dimensional Beings, that much is true!

Free Spirit - 2014 All The Shades Of Darkened Light
Yes, there are shades of many great 80's bands that can be heard on 'All The Shades Of Darkened Light', too many to name here, but rest assured, this is as classy AOR as you'll hear from Finland in 2014.

Frehley, Ace - 2014 Space Invader
Ace will never top 'Frehley's Comet' but he's in decent form and the fact this album broke the Billboard top ten is a testament to his longevity and ongoing popularity among the Kiss faithful. A good effort from Ace and definitely deserving of the applause it's been receiving.

From The Fire - 2014 Evil Men Do
I'm thinking this is one of the most underrated albums to be presented in 2014. I'm hoping that From The Fire can sustain the effort and the interest which made 2014 such a good year for messrs Kelly, Lafferty and Sciotti. Let's hope so!

Grand Design - 2014 Thrill Of The Night
Yes, it's still hard to ignore the Lepp like attributes throughout this majestic CD, but when it's done this well, perhaps it's high time to toss out my copy of 'Hysteria' once and for all!

H.E.A.T (Sweden) - 2014 Tearing Down The Walls
Any fears you might have had about the future of H.E.A.T are surely dispelled with this excellent offering. This contains more variety than any of their previous efforts. The overall feel is harder too, but not at the expense of melody.

Hansel - 2014 Fluorescent Blue Lights
Australian band Hansel are back with their latest 5 track EP, all glammed up to the nines and rockin' out hard!

House Of Lords - 2014 Precious Metal
It is quite safe to say that you should really enjoy this album if you're a fan of the band. It does continue the trend of sounding more commercial than the album before it, but that's a direction I embrace. Even with that approach, it really rocks.

Houston - 2014 Relaunch II
This is definitely a mixed bag to my ears. I don't think the personnel changes have affected the sound, which is a good thing. I just think they took some risks with song choices that didn't hit the mark.

Iconic Eye - 2014 Well Begun
Iconic Eye is a UK Midlands based rock band. All the songs on show here are composed by main man Greg Dean and fall into the category of classic 80's flavoured AOR, with nods to the likes of Journey, Night Ranger and Hughes/Thrall.

In Faith - 2014 There's A Storm Coming
This album is receiving heaps of praise all over other review sites, and my opinion is solidly in line with all the others who really like it. Great songwriting and strong musicianship are on full display here.

Incura - 2014 Incura
One thing is for certain. Anyone trying to put Incura into a pigeon-holed box is gonna have a problem. Difficult to categorise, and to be honest, why would one bother? Just let this lot do their stuff and prepare to be amazed.

Judas Priest - 2014 Redeemer Of Souls
A mixed bag of results for Priest and an album which is a fine comeback, but isn't the heavy affair it really needed to be.

Kingdragon - 2014 Hide The Sun
The album comes complete as a muscular brand of hard rock with some nice keyboard touches here and there. OK, at this point I'll go as far as to say that 'Hide The Sun' is a hard rock album disguised as AOR. Yep, there.. I said it. Kingdragon and AOR, said in the same breath.

Kings And Dreams - 2014 Kings And Dreams
It's a quite beautiful album for mine, and could well sit in my top 10 by years end. Get acquainted with Kings & Dreams ASAP!

Krokus - 2014 Long Stick Goes Boom: Live From da House of Rust
After seeing Krokus live for the first time a few weeks back on their recent U.S. jaunt, it inspired me to revisit this live album from last year, one which I'm sure most people barely know exists besides Krokus enthusiasts.

L.R.S - 2014 Down To The Core
Twelve songs at a touch on 60 minutes might be too much in one sitting, but hey, you can always come back for seconds later on. Plonk this in the CD player and let it play on rotation. Some of these songs just might get into your head.

Lake - 2014 Wings Of Freedom
The music here is prime-time Lake, but the whole thing is given energy and sonic incision by Alex Conti's guitar solos. Without them, I think the album would have faded into a melodic wash without much contrast and counterpoint.

Last Great Dreamers - 2014 Crash Landing In Teenage Heaven
If I had discovered this little beauty back on its release back in 2014 I would have had no hesitation in putting this in my top 5 albums of the year.. it's that good. Looking for a band that evoke the glories of those trashy, glam days of the early 70's then look no further than the Last Great Dreamers

Lover Under Cover - 2014 Into The Night
I'll say from the outset, that I enjoyed this much more than the debut, though in hindsight, there was nothing really wrong with 'Set The Night On Fire'. Definitely the bar has been set a bit higher, and it shows in the final product.

Magnum - 2014 Escape From The Shadow Garden
Let me be honest. The last three albums from Magnum were drawn out and uninteresting affairs. Too much tiptoeing through the tulips for mine. The best thing they did was to go back to the drawing board, and get rowdy again, and on 'Escape From The Shadow Garden' they did just that.

Minor Giant - 2014 On The Road
Here's a very understated, but cool prog band from Holland. Six tracks, but nearly 54 minutes playing time. There will be something for everyone here, as it traverses a number of sub-genres, but it mostly sticks within the progressive rock stream.

Miss Behaviour - 2014 Double Agent
Mostly, you will get glossy and meat-filled hard rock. Sort of like glazed marinade pork chops with a green side salad instead of starchy potatoes. Another great release from Mr Siegl and AOR Heaven.

Moonland - 2014 Moonland
Fans of female fronted AOR should enjoy this. It's not particularly heavy, but it does have a batch of good song that with repeated spins could very well leave an indent in your sub-conscious. I like it.

Morriss, Mark - 2014 A Flash Of Darkness
OK, bit of a challenge for me, going to try and do my shortest article ever. Why? Because I am not convinced how much interest this album will have for most of you guys, but that doesn't mean to say you shouldn't be at least aware of its existence. Not an AOR vibe in sight, but it still shows that there is a genuine effect and focus gone into creating melodies.

My Son The Bum - 2014 Follow Me, Like Me
My Son The Bum can be easily described as a vehicle for the songwriting abilities and the often original, humorous, and indeed very thoughtful lyrics of Brian Kroll.

Neonfly - 2014 Strangers In Paradise
If you enjoyed the thought of Blind Guardian and Iced Earth, but are put off by the rather rough edges they seem to have, Neonfly use lots of polish to have a cleaner and sharper sound, together with a policy of limiting the length of the tunes, which actually works wonders.

Night Ranger - 2014 High Road
As always, there's a high element of energy and anthemic rock on a Night Ranger album, and you won't be short-changed here.

Niva - 2014 Incremental IV
Overall, I found 'Incremental' to be a bit behind the magic found previously on 'Magnitude'. Still, if you look and listen hard enough, there is something to like among the multitude of songs onboard this disc.

Nugent, Ted - 2014 Shut Up And Jam
This is likely to attract Nugent die-hards only, but there's no conceivable way they could be disappointed with it. Looking through Nugent's discography it's staggering he hasn't had a gold album since 1980's 'Scream Dream' and naturally this new one won't change that, but as far as quality is concerned, Ted's still on the same page as he was 34 years ago.

Olzon, Anette - 2014 Shine
Much has been written and said about Anette Olzon's departure from Finnish supergroup Nightwish. That was a few years ago, and written into a past chapter, says the Swedish singer. She'll want us to focus on the future, and in early 2014, that means her first solo CD 'Shine'.

Outloud - 2014 Let's Get Serious
A much overlooked band here at GDM is the Greek/American combo Outloud. When you hear some of the material from this album, it's easy to see why this band are so good.

Overland - 2014 Epic
'Epic' is without doubt a great start to 2014, and effortless sounding album really, and another good body of work to add to the Steve Overland port-folio. Fans of Seventh Key in particular should seek this out when it's officially released in February. I needn't say anymore. Grab it when you can.

Pavic - 2014 Is War The Answer?
Italian band Pavic have surprised many with their new take on melodic metal.

Pavlovs Dog - 2014 Has Anyone Here Seen Sigfried?
If you're a Pavlov's Dog completist, then 'Has Anyone Here Seen Sigfried?' should be right up your garden path! Considering this CD is sourced from the mastertapes, this should wipe out and supercede all poor quality bootlegs that went before.

Paynter, Michael - 2014 Weary Stars
This would have to be one of the finest modern pop/rock albums I've ever had the pleasure of listening to in recent times. It's not normally a genre I dip my toes into, but Michael Paynter is such a sensational singer, you simply cannot ignore music of this quality.

Perfect View - 2014 Red Moon Rising
A few listens is required to peel back the layers of what is an excellent album. Max Ordine sings like a champion, while everyone else delivers solid and reliable performances. Their last CD I gave an 85, this time I am compelled to add that 5% extra and award it a 70. Enjoyable listening for sure.

Pretty Wild - 2014 Pretty Wild
If you can handle 14 songs in one shot, then 'Pretty Wild' is for you. Perhaps a long car drive might be the ideal occasion to blitz what is a good album.

Priem, Rik (and Prime) - 2014 Rik Priem
Overall, I like what Rik has on offer. It's quite a bombastic style which works well, but it doesn't quite have the correct elements to make a cohesive whole.

Quadra Nixx - 2014 Quadra Nixx
This band are definitely from the Journey school of thought, and even though they are displaced by a good thirty years, it's never too late for melodic rock/AOR of this vintage.

Quiet Riot - 2014 10
There's still life in Quiet Riot and Banali has been proven right in the long run to keep the band alive in DuBrow's memory. Even with only six new tracks this is a worthwhile listen and even the live tracks have some appeal.

Rain Or Shine - 2014 Seize The Night
Greek duo Rain Or Shine have all the elements of a decent melodic rock project in their back pocket.

Retrogress, The - 2014 Future Stories From the Past EP
The Retrogress, surprisingly, are a band featuring only two members. They have an alt-rock meets blues style on their debut EP 'Future Stories From the Past', which showcases six songs offering up a variable sound.

Rudd, Phil - 2014 Head Job
Given the fact that no member of AC/DC has ever recorded a solo album while a member of the band (to the best of my knowledge anyway) I'm sure few would have expected Phil Rudd to become the first.

Saracen - 2014 Redemption
It's a massive return to form for one of my favourite British bands. A huge redemption indeed!

Scorpions, The - 2014 MTV Unplugged In Athens
The novelty value of these albums expired back in 1995 and to be honest there was no novelty to start with. With the whole retirement angle now null and void it seems there's nowhere to go for the Scorpions except further into parody and redundancy. After all when was their last real classic? 1984?

Secret - 2014 The End Of The Road
I don't know about you, but the mid 2000's bought back great memories of some Spanish acts. 291 Suite was one of those, and the two key guys from that band are resurrected in 2014: as the duo Secret.

Seven - 2014 7
Escape Music seemed to have pulled off the coup of 2014. That is: signing the South African/British combo called Seven to a brand new album.

Seven Hard Years - 2014 No Place In Heaven
I like what this band has to offer. A mixture of traditional classic and/or melodic rock with a British flavour, but with some transatlantic hundreds and thousands.

Seventrain - 2014 Seventrain
Seventrain have a cool rockin' sound, that fuses metal and blues in the vein of Badlands, Tesla and Black Label Society. They also chuck in a few tasty acoustic based ballads which are very nice.

Skyscraper - 2014 Elevation
A very likeable album; you'll need to spend a little time getting to appreciate its finer qualities. Altogether very melodic, and holds up well. Not quite quintessentially British, nor Norwegian.. how about North Sea melodic rock instead?

Smaavik, Bente - 2014 Meant To Be [single]
Norwegian chanteuse Bente Smaavik, many of you will remember from her days as lead singer with Blonde On Blonde back in the 80's, is reaching out to the modern day audience with a series of singles, that have been staggered as releases over the last few months. Here's her second: 'Meant To Be'.

Sonic Station - 2014 Next Stop
So there you have it. Eleven honey-laden songs fit for the AOR purist. It's the sort of CD that I'll be playing often this year just because of the quality and sheer enjoyment I've had listening to it. Support the scene, and get out and buy the CD. Alex and his crew deserve this and so much more. Top of the class!

Space Elevator - 2014 Space Elevator
I just knew when I saw the video from this band the other day, it would be hugely appealing to the GDM crowd. The pulling power of this five-piece is the spectacular lead singer going by the handle of The Duchess. This lady has got a fantastic voice, plus she's an absolute stunner to look at as well, with a habit for seducing all the viewers dressed in catsuits. Meow!

State Of Salazar - 2014 All The Way
Here's another Swedish band that are attracting a heap of attention in the same way that Sonic Station and Work Of Art recently have.

Stubblemelt - 2014 Gypaetus Barbatus
Stubblemelt are a young band who show plenty of promise and with this debut album have come up with a set of songs that do require repeated listening but present the listener with a vibrant, fresh sound.

Sunstrike - 2014 Rock Your World
The melodic rock world is blessed with a ton of great bands at the moment. Some of the newer ones now coming to light during 2014 are really really good. You can add SunStrike to that list.

Syd Arthur - 2014 Sound Mirror
I can't recommend 'Sound Mirror' highly enough. It's fresh and engaging music with just enough experimentation for progheads with open minds and alternative listeners looking for something different outside of Rolling Stone or Q's limited scope.

Ten - 2014 Albion
You know there's something not quite right when a band is singing about war, battles, death, sin and hell etc, and it's all played without any venom or intensity.

Three Lions - 2014 Three Lions
If you're looking for a good solid rock album with a British flavour and impressive vocals, you'll need to investigate this offering.

Touch, John Jeff - 2014 Warnings
John Jeff Touch is a guy that can make a listener truly appreciative of the art of vocals in the hard rock medium.

Triosphere - 2014 The Heart Of The Matter
Triosphere deliver some of the most melodic power metal to be heard in 2014. it's no wonder every other metal website of repute is going gaga over this album, and it's worth every compliment.

Unruly Child - 2014 Down The Rabbit Hole (Side One) [EP
A very likeable though smallish set from one of GD's favourite bands. I will admit though that it's not edgy, nor is there any real heavy vibe. Just a bunch of melodic tunes played well by a collective of great musicians. I'm sure there's something here even for the most discerning of melodic hard rockers!

Uriah Heep - 2014 Outsider
So far this year I've only listened to a handful of new releases, but this is easily the best rock album of the year so far and chances are still will be at the year's end.
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