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Walk On Fire (Scotland) - 2017 Mind Over Matter
[img]http://gdm.glorydazemusic.com/infusions/images/reviews/walkonfire_mom.jpg[/img] is not a valid Image.

Winding the clock back to 1989, I'm sure there were many fans of the debut Walk On Fire CD, called 'Blind Faith'. Our review: Click Here

The album, less so the band was a vehicle for singer Alan King and keyboardist Dave Cairns. Apparently, there were a bunch of tunes written after 1989, that were shelved, until now (2017) that is. Step up Escape Music.

These tracks form the basis on 'Mind Over Matter', the 13 track CD features ex Asia drummer Trevor Thornton, the late Mike Casswell on guitars (ex Brian May band), Phil Williams (ex Spandau Ballet) and Bowie/Seal keyboards and programming legend, Richard Cottle, and was written and produced by Dave Cairns (of 'Secret Affair' fame).

These newly discovered buried treasures of 24 track analogue recordings were put to tape following the worldwide MCA Records release.

Look out for this one very shortly, release date: 21 April 2017.
Review to follow very soon.

Record label: Escape Music
Release date: 21 April 2017
Catalogue Number: ESM302
Barcode: 503128100302 7

Band is:
Alan King All vocals
Dave Cairns: Keyboards and Guitars
Mike Casswell: Guitars (ex Brian May)
Trevor Thornton: Drums (ex Asia)
Phil Williams: Bass (ex Spandau Ballet)
Richard Cottle: Programming (David Bowie and Seal)

Produced by: Dave Cairns
Mastered by: Tim A Duncan at Lethal Music mastering UK

Track Listing:
1. Spinning Wheel
2. Reign Down
3. Pleasure Of Pain
4. Mind Over Matter
5. Long Live Love
6. Save Your Lies (We've had Enough)
7. Wicked
8.Bad Attitude
9. Madhouse
10. Big Gun
11. Price Of Love
12, Drag Me Down
13. Colour Of Blood (bonus track with first pressing)
WOW! Blind Faith is one of my favourite AOR albums from the late 80's!
I'm stuck on heavenly melodies...
Terje Hoiland
Agreed ! Love it, really looking forward to the New album.
Interesting! But I don't understand if these were recorded back then then shelved or are brand new (re)recordings by the line up above.... ?
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