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Southern Governor USM Motorhead The Killers Hundred Seventy Split Ten Years After Iron Mask Hall And Oates Brighton Rock From Behind At Vance Forsale Gotthard Player Velocity Nightrider Best Of 2016 Brainfever Mad Max Danny Joe Brown Band Rock Candy Records Wounded Bird Alice Cooper Rose (France) Roger Daltrey Actors And Actresses Wounded Bird Supertramp MSG Michael Schenker Event Thor America Fatal Attraction EP Sammy Hagar Saints And Sinners Gary Wright Wounded Bird Pat Travers Band Best Of 2011 Khymera A Geoff Mann Band Descars Emerald Rain Rox (UK) Life Venturia Tank Jefferson Starship Damsel Fly Wildlife AC/DC Steppenwolf Judas Priest Lake Kamelot UFO Dragon Le Mans Yesterrock Myles Goodwyn April Wine Eclipse (Sweden) Jim Dandy Black Oak Arkansas Poets Of The Fall Shell And The Ocean Venus and Mars Danger Zone Colin Blunstone Melidian Rock Candy Records Max Carl Max Gronenthal Yesterrock Chevy Still Life Rock Candy Records Buster Live Albums Think Out Loud Queen Hotwire Urgent (USA) John Miles Cheryl Dilcher Newman Phantom Rocker And Slick Rock Candy Records Street Talk FM (UK) EP Hurry Scuary Elyte Novak Juice Newton Dannie Damien Tr3nity Baby Blue 38 Special Saxon Jimmy Page Fate Deep Purple Europe (Band) Smudge Black Label Society Fair Warning (Germany) The Tremeloes Rush The Machine EP In Pursuit Ali Thomson Trust American Tears Touch Drive She Said Tokyo Blade The Bzz Glory Bells Band Ace The Who Terry Brock Strangeways Molly Oliver Thor John Wetton Iron Maiden Sugarcreek Badlands Rock Candy Records Tarney Spencer Band Fantacy Hill Detroit Carrera Darby Mills Headpins Streek Blast Actors And Actresses Scott Baio Dungeon Claudia Big Bad Wolf Stepaside Lynn Allen Walter Egan Night Ranger Spitfire Amaze Me Fatal Force Roland Grapow Helloween Pink Cream 69 Ruby Faith Kid Gloves Myland Streetheart Brian McDonald Harlan Cage Mitch Malloy Cobra Rock Candy Records FCC Miss Behaviour Doris Brendel Dagger Nexx Vic Vergat Triumph Atlantis Airport Vertigo Granicus Eddie And The Tide Gotthard Dixie Dregs Saxon Steven T Valentine (1977) Kasim Sulton O Ryan Badhoven Bad Boy Rock Candy Records Lazarus The Tubes Mastercastle Clearland Bulgaria Alfalpha Diamond In The Rough Still Life Chevy Giant House Of Mirrors Legs Diamond InTensity Antics Wavelength Gregg Rolie Wounded Bird Necroriser Twilightning Zaneta Eva Detective Michael Des Barres Rock Candy Records Giuffria Snakecharmer Bad Company Ambrosia Rock Candy Records Toxic Shame Rooney Hootie And The Blowfish Elton John California Guitar Trio B.E Taylor Group Rob Moratti Sinner Heart Charlie Midnight Molly Hatchet Rock Candy Records Split Enz Neuron Overland Colour Radio Tom De Luca Yesterrock Clif Magness Planet 3 White Heart The Dukes Wounded Bird Jay Beech House Of Lords Victor Peraino Pleasure Thieves La Famiglia Superstar John Jeff Touch DC Drive Julian Angel Small Wonder Henry Small Sheriff Rock Candy Records Stun Leer Fantasy Shocking Blue Vhaldemar Jester Messendger Gamma Wounded Bird Rock Candy Records Renegade (USA) Voodoo Six Monkey See Steve Camp Insight Strike (Finland) Berlin Airlift Conspiracy Bombay Fortnox EP Phenomena US Radio Band Horslips Hudson And Ford Russia (Band) Force 10 Wounded Bird The Clarks Live Albums Foreigner Boulevard Yesterrock Mariah Daughtry REO Speedwagon Rock Candy Records Allen Collins Band Kiss Live Albums Trapeze Rock Candy Records Street Talk Arthur Zwol Tranquility Blood Sweat And Tears Baxter Robertson At Vance Freiheit Stefan Zauner Anvil Ultravox Huey Lewis Cry Wolf Peter Cupples Stylus Balance Iconic Eye Alien (Sweden) Barry Goudreau Boston Rock Candy Records Cooper Shea 10cc Moritz Sacred Season Shaun Cassidy Actors And Actresses Boxer Brother Bait Everest Jody Street Osukaru Huey Lewis Erika 2Hot4U Cats In Space Javan David Paton Pilot Jamie Walters Alyson Avenue Yesterrock Beauvoir/Free Jean Beauvoir Mikki Free Kiss Raccoon Xenon Ken Sharp Grand Design Steven Wilson Hungry Heart Mystic Prophecy Gus G All Sports Band Raggedy Ann Motorhead Dionne Warwick Actors And Actresses Twenty Twenty Knight Fury Charlotte (USA) Rupert Holmes Creed Rock Candy Records Jeremiah Freed House Of Lords Rose Tattoo Blue Oyster Cult Spread Eagle City Boy The Gentlemen Brian Greenway April Wine Be Bop Deluxe Live Albums Saxon Molly Hatchet Killer Dwarfs Network Brian McDonald The Movies Synch Best Of 2014 The Poodles Battleaxe Fates Warning 8084 Kix Hegel Sphere Of Souls Shotgun Alley Zinatra Los Angeles Pink Floyd Threshold Trevor Rabin Nine-T-Nine Best Of 2015 Vendetta Streets Steve Walsh Mike Slamer Billy Greer Rock Candy Records Wounded Bird Peterik And Scherer Jim Peterik Marc Scherer Utopia Todd Rundgren Beau Nasty ASAP Iron Maiden Jimi Jamison The Claymore Melodine Praying Mantis The Dig Fotomaker Poco House Of Lords Billy Squier Molly Hatchet House Of Games The Who Goanna Tony MacAlpine Live Albums Thundermother Zeabra Oklahoma Benson Reid Hit The Ground Runnin Natural Gas Magnet M.D.G Matthew Guarnere EP Hobbit Charlie Bigstorm Doug Owen Starz Quiet Riot Rock Candy Records Kick The Kangaroo Mitch Malloy FM (UK) Rock Candy Records Hiroshima Tomorrows Child Total Eclipse Pablo Cruise Bon Jovi Lee Ritenour B.J Thomas Zon Mikael Rikfors Visit Michael James Murphy Billy Pilgrim Glenn Hughes Sunshine Jive Lord Danny Kortchmar Wounded Bird Dead Soul Tribe Bruce Turgon Kimball Jamison Bobby Kimball Jimi Jamison Cornerstone Sparks Chickenfoot Galeforce Crazy Lixx Sherbet AOR (Frederic Slama) Shooting Star Gino Vannelli Quebec Trooper Cannata Jeff Cannata Flynn EP Hammerfall Manilla Road Johnny Logan Heart Atsushi Yokozeki Wolfsbane 101 South Nubian Rose Shabby Tiger Firewind Gus G Six Shot Revival Charlemagne Howard Jones Shiva Maggie Bell Midnight Flyer The Box Quebec Iconic Eye Zeno Alan Parsons Project Alan Parsons Ayreon Kiki Dee Heart HSAS Journey Alexa Sabu Exumer Roadmaster Chrissy Steele Praying Mantis Rock Candy Records Razormaid Gamma Wounded Bird Anvil Black Angels EP Billy Satellite Radar Point Blank Leverage Tommy Shaw Rock Candy Records Saga Hughes And Thrall Glenn Hughes Pat Thrall Rock Candy Records Love Chapter Band Tall Stories Jack Wagner John Verity Jon Stevens Noiseworks Kevin Lee Renegade (Canada) Sandy Stewart Wounded Bird The Affair House Of Shakira Emerald Rain Moxy Roxx White Wizzard Marmalade Valor Dragon Newman Strangeways Talisman The Constant Various Artists Dark Star Rock Candy Records Ammotraack Sweet The Ladder (UK) Silverado Head East Whiskey Myers Legs Diamond Xsavior Savatage Metallica Rivera/Bomma Gambler Paul Roberts 707 Mamas Boys Celtic Legacy Dare The Osmonds Chilliwack Touch Rock Candy Records Magic Cat Roadmaster Bryan Scary Saga Raw Silk Nightwish White Lie The Heaters Stoneflower Victory Boy Kaminari Metro David Bowie Todd Rundgren Badfinger Wounded Bird Ayreon Stoneflower Norway Rex Smith Actors And Actresses Wounded Bird Bon Jovi XYZ Square One Richard Tate Steve Lukather At Vance Charlie Dore UFO Iron Maiden New Man Gotthard Radio Silence Thin Lizzy Wounded Bird Big Big Train Loverboy Coverdale/Page Small Talk Roderick Falconer Roadmaster Rock Candy Records Night Ranger Tina Arena Phillips MacLeod Combonation Wounded Bird Shooting Star Metal Church Mick Jones Foreigner Mahogany Rush Frank Marino Quebec Steinhardt Moon Beagle Hat Kiss Shadowman Le Roux Rock Candy Records Cressida Airless Blackmores Night Joey Scarbury Dangerous Age Jim Photoglo Player UFO Mr Big (UK) Iron Butterfly Venom Vixen (Hawaii) Santana Baileys Comet Widowmaker (UK) Pleasure Dome Shotgun Symphony Ted Poley Threshold Illusion Lillian Axe Huey Lewis Cooper And Ross Shogun Davy Vain DErcole Yngwie Malmsteen Supreme Majesty Craig Mirijanian Queensryche Manowar Ross The Boss Cheap Trick Wendy And The Rockets Tattoo Sisters Of Mercy Gotthard InTensity EP 220 Volt Heavens Fire Snowball (Germany) Headpins Darby Mills Frank Stallone Molly Hatchet Judas Priest Ephraim Kix Hustler Enchant Paris (Robert Welch) Rock Candy Records Looking Glass Fist (Canada) Remain The Same Manowar S.a.Y Tygers Of Pan Tang David Drew Whiteface Coastline Mydra Yesterrock Montrose Rock Candy Records Kidd Blue Granmax Best Of 2007 Reynold Climax Blues Band Trashcan Darlings EP Dweezil Zappa White Sister Rock Candy Records Final Frontier Jamilya Aerosmith Star One Don Felder The Eagles Wounded Bird Pavlovs Dog Teaze Live Albums Tony Ohora Bachman Turner Overdrive Billy Liesegang Holly Woods Toronto (Band) Pavlovs Dog Starz Tandy And Morgan Michael Stanley Band Rick Springfield Actors And Actresses Dogpound The Honeydrippers Shoes Black Rose (Sweden) EP Misslead Stratosphere Deep Purple DVD Black Rose (UK) Tomorrows Eve Nantucket Wounded Bird Cvello Poker Flatts De Garmo And Key Ten Years After Alvin Lee Far Too Jones Tight Fit Jungle Melodine The Swamp Born Assassins Dirty Rhythm Heartland Narnia HYTS Eleven Bloody Men Anthem Kick Axe Rock Candy Records Sammy Hagar Best Of 2012 Differences Osukaru Robin Beck Lara Fabian Grace Billy Katt Bryan Adams Harlequin (Canada) Zee Poets Of The Fall Les Variations Steve Miller Band Pretty Things Joe Fagin Rox Diamond The Bright Crooked X Dream Theater Knyght EP Streetheart Rock Candy Records The Metros Renaissance Hot Chocolate Jaime Kyle Tarantula Portugal Mose Jones Artica Titan EP Nomo Elektradrive Shooting Star Winger Rock Candy Records Queen City Kids Twelfth Night The Giant Leap USA Larry Baud Magnum FSB T.T Quick Dockers Guild Lucifers Friend Apche Rose (Canada) Sharp Edges Final Frontier Vertigo Harlequin (Canada) Breathless Dream Theater Michael Harris Pyramid Hot Boy Honeymoon Suite Rock Candy Records Daydreamer Bryan Hughes Molly Hatchet Byrd James Byrd Seven Skys 88 Sundays Magnum Brian McDonald Yesterrock Sweet Savage Rock Candy Records Pat Travers Band David Roberts Chris Rainbow Joy Focus Sheena Easton Actors And Actresses Fates Warning The President Accept Dokken Rock Candy Records Bang Gang Tony Kishman Silent Rage Tom Jans Bill Wolfer Life By Night Tomas Bodin Best Of 2009 Budgie Doyle Whiting Band Mountain Loverboy Big Elf Trevor Rabin April Wine Twelfth Night Avion Randall Waller Kuni Jeff Scott Soto White Wolf Vangelis Keith Lubrant Brighton Rock House Of Shakira Divinefire Visitor Urban Tale Brother Firetribe Circle II Circle Tygers Of Pan Tang Roadmaster Rock Candy Records Tobruk Matthew Fisher The Nits Device Holly Knight Starcastle Valor Praying Mantis Skid Row (USA) Alwyn Wall Kansas Danny Danzi Warrant Joe Perry Blackjack (USA) Michael Bolton Secret Smile The Violet Hour Doris Brendel Erik Faber Nobodys Fool Earforce Axe Dakota Bailey (Nigel) Three Lions Gary Jeffries Starcastle Rock Candy Records Dan Seals John Cougar Mellancamp UFO Heavy Metal Army The Hollies Wounded Bird Roger Daltrey Actors And Actresses Wounded Bird Surgin Max Havoc Thought Chamber Michael Harris Flyte (USA) W.A.S.P Lars Eric Mattson Dreamland Jeff Scott Soto Shyyne Stepson Rock Candy Records Metal Church Perennial Blind Date (#2) Fly By Night The Scorpions GTR Beaverteeth Steve Grimm Bad Boy Storm Rock Candy Records Leo Sayer The Scorpions Live Albums Fall Out Boy Rick Springfield Actors And Actresses Aviary Dragonforce Angeline Ronnie Milsap Rex Actors And Actresses Wounded Bird Union (Canada) Anthrax Neil Carswell Krokus Michael Clark Nightingale Broke N Blue Melodica Bon Jovi Nobodys Fool Lucky 13 Lucky Thir13n Gary Moore Two Guns Fifth On The Floor The Storm (Kristina Nichols) Rickie Lee Jones Umberto Tozzi Safire Vinnie Moore Rush Condition Red Bad Company Eclipse (Canada) Shooting Star Symphonic Slam De Mont Wild Force Greg Lake Rock Candy Records Steve Hackett Live Albums John Parr Harlan Cage Dynazty Asia Ted Nugent The Eagles Mamas Pride Wounded Bird Honeymoon Suite Rock Candy Records Osibisa Bondarz Superstarz Jillian Patrick Simmons Doobie Bros Wounded Bird Bad Boy Cains Offering Ironhorse (Canada) Eyes (#1) Styx Hogjaw Planet 3 Black Bonzo Halo Lebocat Talon (USA) Knight Crawler Dynazty Demon Shoot Little River Band LRB Pavlovs Dog Krackerjack Greg Nicholson The Lizards Journey Dick Coulson GMT Michael Schenker Group Grand Prix Operator Bill Champlin Benny Mardones Matthew Fisher Fifth Angel Hot Leg Theander Expression Straight Eight Michael Thompson Band Alkemyst Tad Morose Simon Says Big Picture Collective Soul Head East Storm Rock Candy Records Cats Bliss 66 Spocks Beard John Valenti Jillson Toronto (Band) Tuesday Blue Lakehurst Mattador Statetrooper Ian Hunter Taraxacum Tane Cain Actors And Actresses Rock Candy Records Tyketto Sugarcreek Live Albums Purple Heart Samuel Purdey England Dan and John Ford Coley Empire (Australia) Jonathan Cain Wounded Bird Steve Tassler Starcastle The Front Grand Prix Rock Candy Records Dreamscape Heartplay Matthew J Miss Behaviour Styx Valentino EP Billy The Kid Abe Lamarca Homerun Dominoe Billy And The American Suns Billy Chinook Unruly Child Eclipse (Sweden) Breathless Cano Gypsy Marillion David Byron Uriah Heep Jan Park Band Beggars And Thieves Judas Priest Glasgow Eddie Jobson Stephen Bishop Zappacosta No Sweat Survivor Bart Hafeman VU White Wizzard EP Buck Dharma (Roeser) Wounded Bird Rock Candy Records Blue Oyster Cult Various Artists First Signal Adrenalin (USA) Detroit TNT Stiletto (Canada) Lynn Allen Brian McDonald Siam Roger Glover Max Bacon GTR Athenaeum Longplayer Steelheart Bloodrock Bullet (Sweden) Defender (Austria) 38 Special Skylark Canada David Foster Robby Valentine Krokus Glad Vanessa Carlton Marillion 1st Avenue Nigel Olsson Tommy Lee Motley Crue Gary Moore Bad Habit Richard Carpenter The Carpenters Last Autumns Dream Klaatu Van Dunson Japan (Band) Zuider Zee Greenslade Wounded Bird Manowar Kelly Brock Level Utopia Todd Rundgren Stampede Rock Candy Records Wildfire (USA) King Kobra Rock Candy Records Jody Bongiovi Abel Ganz 38 Special Lake Michael Stanley Band Mark Allen Band Dangerface Snow Blackfoot Wounded Bird Saraya John Sykes Savage Grace Detroit Crazy Lixx Blackhorse Bam Bam Boys Little Caesar Pat Travers Band Billy Satellite Rock Candy Records Deadbeat Honeymooners Secret Sphere Jozef Skrzek Wall Of Silence Ian Cussick Judge Jackson Xinema Gary U.S Bonds House Of Lords Silence Myofist Fist (Canada) Cranston Phil Vincent Paul Sabu Virginia Wolf Rock Candy Records Air Supply Bullet (Sweden) July For Kings Vega The Fixx Pure Prairie League Fahrenheit (Austria) Crawler Wounded Bird Sherbet Faster Pussycat Rock Candy Records City Boy Kiss Live Albums Aviator (UK) Brazen Abbot Nikolo Kotsev Stryper Walking With Kings Icon Rock Candy Records Ratt Boetz Wolfsbane Journey Tim Feehan Billy Joel Fotomaker Wounded Bird Blackfoot Rock Candy Records Live Albums Killer Dwarfs Tangerine Dream Ray Paul New England Andy Fraser Free Charlie Metallica Burton Cummings The Guess Who Urban Tale Danger Danger Lightspeed Torben Schmidt Skagarack Twelfth Night Steve Marrs Vomitron Valensia Raven Motley Crue John Lawton Eddie Money Rock Candy Records UZI Accept Malice Rock Candy Records Wounded Bird Baby Blue Alquin The Tenants Best Of Decade 2000-2009 Hell In The Club Elvin Bishop AC/DC Gus And The New Breed Zebra Mara Dynazty Donnie Miller Bad Company Wounded Bird Amun Re Sunrise Faith Circus The Outlaws Rock Candy Records Wounded Bird Maverick Jude Cole Urgent (USA) Chapter 23 Craaft Yesterrock Pantera Jigsaw Virgin Steele U.D.O Accept Pride (UK) Axe Jumpstreet Dream Theater The Great Kat FM (UK) Pride (UK) Blue Mountain Eagle 38 Special Judas Priest Live Albums Shiva Motorhead Snow EP American Girls John O Banion Dream Theater Wooly Woolstenholme Barclay James Harvest Eyes (USA) Hobbit Iron Mask La Fase Unicorn Trooper Moody Blues Thin Lizzy Live Albums Yes Demons And Wizards Anthrax FM (UK) Rock Candy Records Little River Band LRB Marseille Artful Dodger Pallas Restless Heart Skyscraper Tor Talle The Score Black Tide Kiss Pepper Montrose Rock Candy Records H.E.A.T (Sweden) Renegade (Canada) Journey EP Bo Hansson Demon The Scorpions Main Attraction Mark-Almond Tragik Phil Vincent April Wine Live Albums Alaska Bernie Marsden Iron Maiden Leo Sayer Crossfade Fake ID Foghat ZZ Top Action Xtasy Greg Howe Russ Ballard Zebra Rock Candy Records David Isaacs Michael Des Barres Actors And Actresses Aldaria Empire Journey Steal The Dark The Tubes Ambrosia Buzzie Kevin Russell 707 Lotus Coastland Ride Eloy Flyer (USA) Midnight Blue Anabis Billy Idol Broke N Blue Truth Of Fiction Rose Tattoo Iron Maiden Judie Tzuke Osukaru Spocks Beard Robbie Patton Smile (USA) Mary Macgregor Amulet Ten Sharp Dare Hubi Meisel Jane Rush Rob Grill Grass Roots Steve Walsh Kansas Streets Rock Candy Records Wounded Bird Enbound Jaguar Accept Free Spirit Ken Hensley Freewheeler Silent Rage Zion Akira Takasaki Loudness Eric Johnson Wounded Bird Diffuser Triumph Shadowman John Taglieri Thirty Days Out In Faith UFO Pagans Mind Jimmie Spheeris The Faces Stranger The Enid Pantera Seventh Wonder UFO Manowar Dan Hill Elektradrive Vow Wow Bow Wow Liberty Bros Giant Live Albums Bad Radiator Without End Digger Gravedigger Billy Thermal Billy Steinberg Bob Carlisle Todd Rundgren John Farnham Chris Evans David Hanselmann Moxy Lions And Ghosts Lewis Taylor Pat Travers Band Larsen Feiten Band Wounded Bird Strangeways Hydrogyn The Sand Kiss Bon Jovi Various Artists Soundtrack Queensryche The Tubes Rokbox Toxic Heart Vixen Syndia (Poland) Kick Axe Wounded Bird Rock Candy Records Def Leppard Snowblind Alibi Celtic Pride Pooh Limousine Fingerprint Adelaide (Band) Portugal The Gathering Takara Jeff Healey Band Rob Halford Iron Maiden M.ILL.ION Camel Led Zeppelin Bad English The Babys Journey Dragon Def Leppard Pride Of Lions Nasty Pop Bonrud John Hampson Biloxi Larry Lee Ozark Mountain Daredevils Boys Brigade Saxon Limousine Fingerprint Iain Ashley Hersey Vixen Highway Nine China Sky Mr Mister Xinema Donny Osmond Steel Breeze Black Sabbath Ross The Boss Manowar 8084 Rattlebone EP Best Of 2008 XYZ Supremacy Magnum Sunstrike Growl Santana Tears For Fears Tokyo Motor Fist Casino Kiss Florence Warner Robby Valentine Shannon Infinity Keven Jordan Shy (UK) Landslide Bruce Turgon Le Roux Elias Hulk The Korgis Peter Beckett Player Jason Gonzalez Sonic Syndicate Alan Merrill Arrows (UK) Paul Davis Pearl Handle Band Mars Electric Kenny Loggins Oliver Hartmann Station EP Graham Bonnet Robin Trower Atello Heel Zuma II Black Sabbath Asia The Beckies The Left Banke Shooting Star Stories The Chessman Square Arthur Offen Flag Air Raid Gabriel Bondage Sabu Firehouse Queen Cheap Trick Kansas Rock Candy Records Judas Priest Mike Rutherford Genesis Into The Light State Of Salazar Vinnie Vincent Invasion Joe Lamont Yesterrock Irrwisch Jim Foster Fosterchild Yesterrock Faragher Brothers Stratus Tina Arena Three Lane Road EP Sunset Boulevard Lisa Dalbello Kansas 40ft Ringo Vomitron Captain Marryat Atello Grannie Iron Maiden Switchblade Roth Brock Project Terry Brock Francis Dunnery It Bites Billy Thorpe Rock Candy Records Ron Collins Twenty Twenty Ancara Gregg Rolie Wounded Bird Tiles Fee Waybill The Tubes Fireworks Sixty 10 Vega Shakra Kevin Dubrow Quiet Riot Yes Legend Treat Mothers Finest Wounded Bird Rock Candy Records Riverside Sam Alex Revolution Saints Link British Lion Steve Harris Russ Ballard Big Star Arsyn Roxus Heartbreak Radio Patriot Violet Janine Pablo Cruise Huey Lewis Avian Sixx:AM Willie Dee Captain Beyond Tommy Hoehn Outlasted Shandi Metalian Best Of 2016 Charlie Tesseract Split Enz Various Artists Hotel Iron Butterfly Teaze Shaun Cassidy Actors And Actresses West Of Sunset Fingerprintz Yesterrock Lake Blackfoot Rock Candy Records Seventh Key Channel Rock Candy Records Rainbow BLOC PFM Pain Of Salvation Widow Eva Issa Louis Michael Shout (USA) Ratata In 3D Saga Ultravox The Rattles Gypsy Rose (Sweden) Phil Vincent Paul Waroff Cryonic Temple Santana King Crimson Stan Bush Niva Ratt Sweet Slumberlandband Savatage Rick Roberts Firefall Sammy Hagar Slide Treat The Retrogress EP Leverage Tom Caufield Highland Glory Jesse Brady Grim Reaper Angel Slyboyz Rio Chicago (Band) The Proof Sabu Wild Force Falcon Van Halen Swanee Deep Purple Le Roux Phil Collins Fraze Gang Saxon Axe Little River Band LRB Reckless Love Pole Position The Room Dominici Sammy Hagar Spoons Great White Far Cry Rush Best Of 2014 Prime Suspect Michele Luppi Indigo Frozen Tears Aviary Asgaerd Donnie Iris Mayday Rock Candy Records Michael Quatro Lindsey Buckingham Fleetwood Mac Marcel Coenen Best Of 2010 Khymera Raven Rick Matthews Lavender Hill Mob Quebec Balance Rock Candy Records Metallica Graham Nash Osanna Marvellous 3 Glass Tiger Jimmy Harnen Synch Kerry Ellis Brian May Queen Blood Of The Sun London Egg Tour De Force (USA) Bee Gees Fire (Malta) Little Caesar Boston Rush Manito Park Michael W Smith Roy Sundholm Pure Prairie League Care Of Night Kansas Vaduz Airstream Ted Nugent Places Of Power Midnight Flyer Maggie Bell Redd Kross Shadowman Pablo Cruise Fair Warning (Germany) Dragonforce Ian Stewart Strangeways Wild Horses (UK) Rock Candy Records Simon Townshend Stage Dolls Nielsen Pearson Patriarch EP Vitalij Kupri Timothy B Schmit Rob Rock Kaato Mitch Malloy Red Dawn Joe Pasquale The Tirith Cinema Face Dare Steve Miller Band Eclipse (Sweden) Cockney Rejects Zuka Sweet Crystal Rex Actors And Actresses Wounded Bird The Essential Series NWOBHM Def Leppard Diamond Head Raven Saxon Saracen Praying Mantis Iron Maiden Venom Tygers Of Pan Tang White Spirit Cock Robin Boston Blue (UK) Dixon House Terry Lee Bolton Van Halen Shy (UK) Operation Mindcrime Queensryche Jefferson Starship Rock Candy Records Jump David Gilmour Tangier Wounded Bird Roulette (Sweden) Ratt Rock Candy Records Dreamer (USA) The Jelly Jam Seventrain Lotta Lene Snail Still Wade Biery Bad Edge Hunter Greer Myles Hunter Ken Greer Refugee Red Rider Far Too Jones Five Way Friday The Cars Seventh Key Five Fifteen Stryper Kip Winger Winger Nolan/Wakeman David Roberts UFO 24 Unity The Carpenters Motherland Wild Dogs Michael Furlong David Bowie Jack Starr Jerry Doucette Greg Guidry The Imitators Grand Design Troy Newman Phantoms Opera Omega Prism Laos Teri DeSario Rock Candy Records Air Supply Aces High Rob Frazier Sound Barrier Shy (UK) Savoy Brown Black Sabbath The Great Kat Demon Firewind Gus G Nightvision Xavion Point Blank Whitesnake Live Albums Flying Squad Joe Egan DGM Henry Paul Band Wounded Bird Rock Candy Records Corin And Edman Erika Whitesnake Toxic Shame Ten Valensia Mantas Dennis Wilson Shooting Star Y and T Stone Fury ZZYZX EP Starchild Stan Bush Bullet Boys Silent Voices FX Virgin Steele Wighthouse Wonderland Time Bandits Kiss Cain Rising Dareforce Uriah Heep Grand Illusion Flower Kings Frozen Rain Soul Seller Blackmores Castle Jessica Wolff James Griffin Harlan Cage Saxon Night Ranger Henry Gross Rachel Farris Shadow Circus Jake Jones Saint Deamon N.O.W White Widdow Pavlovs Dog Melodica Legs Diamond Tony Banks White Flame EP Duke Jupiter Q5 Best Of Decade 2000-2009 Fatal Smile Joyce Kennedy Mothers Finest Cheap Trick Wounded Bird Norway Groundstar Kenny Rogers Jnr Big Smile Deep Purple Treat Kicking Harold The Essential Series Jimi Hendrix Experience Alice Cooper Aerosmith Angel Quiet Riot Riot Cheap Trick Blackfoot Ted Nugent Kiss Van Halen Player Mr Scary Workforce X Of Eden The Who Benedictum Rick Medlocke Blackfoot Wounded Bird C4 Michael Batio Reckless Love Black Sabbath Jonah Koslen The Order Kayak Linehouse Chilliwack Heartbreak Radio Peter Beckett Electric Angels Rock Candy Records Starcastle Kimberly Frank Adellaide Iguana Mississippi Megadeth Darling Cruel Charlie Allies Steve McLoone Rescue Brother Firetribe Rockicks Europe (Band) Wounded Bird Henry Paul Band Wounded Bird Ratt Houston Bente Smaavik Singles Hell Arrows (Canada) Vigrass And Osborne Screamin Lords Agentz Al Atkins John Porter McMeans Bad Boy Graf Stiletto (Australia) Ransom Nelson Kharma Keel Sensational Alex Harvey Band Fast Forward Glyder Richie Kotzen New England Live Albums Judas Priest Amaranthe Kim Carnes Yesterday And Today Y and T Asian Typhoon Tunnelvision Giant White Widdow Dare Paul Dianno Dream Theater DVD The Bottles Brighton Rock White Heat Pete Townshend The Who Queen Iron Maiden Face Dancer OSI Black N Blue Snakeye Max Demian Band Asia Lion Lynx Swampdawamp Durocs Partner Saga Quiet Riot Rock Candy Records Dirty White Boyz Kingfish Outrider Kansas Steppenwolf Fiona Rock Candy Records Wounded Bird Serpentine Sky Greg Guidry Nielsen Pearson Band UFO Omega St Paul Magnum Leverage Thunder (UK) Hastatus In Vitro Punky Meadows Angel Prototype Grim Reaper Wolfsbane Blue Marc Storace Best Of Decade 2000-2009 Iron Maiden The Vu Oklahoma Trixter Pride (UK) Savage America Nightwing Duke McFadden 707 Secret Steps Waterloo Gryphon Eight Seconds Couchois Ratchell Best Of 2016 Eddie And The Tide Billy Falcon Off The Edge Van Halen Lost In Thought Pat Travers Band Jefferson Starship Live Albums Trampolin Pretty Boy Floyd Issa Know Illusion Wycked Synn Keldian Madison Symphorce Attacker Marc Jordan Haze (Italy) Vega China Sky Michael Bolton Oliver Hartmann AOR (Frederic Slama) Sunstorm Rush Follazay Kings X Rock Candy Records Talisman Survivor Rock Candy Records Its A Beautiful Day James Byrd Man Jade Beau Heart Enchant Baltimoore Statement Alexis Triumvirat Jerry Doucette The Theander Expression Crossrode Liar Holland Wounded Bird King Kobra Chicago (Band) SPYS Rock Candy Records Avalon (Canada) Lynyrd Skynyrd Fires Of Babylon Saxon Watchmen Big Krush Legs Diamond Revoltons Night ABBA Witchfynde Firefall Jimi Jamison Jim Peterik Beautiful Beast Julian Angel Coldspell Loverboy Camel (#2) John Kalishes Iron Maiden Various Artists Lisa Bade Duke Jupiter The Upset Byrne And Barnes Jato Chris Thompson Manfred Mann Earth Band Band Central Station Break Point Robertson Bros The Burnpool X-15 Great White Armored Saint Neal Schon Metallica Golden Farm Stealin Horses Locust Mark Morris Gemini Chameleon Resurrection Kings Riot Flyte Best Of 2014 Pat Travers Band Steve Hillage Live Albums Steeplechase The Cars The Koo Thurman Tommy Shaw Stride Gaskin Quiet Riot Silent Rage Kenny Rogers Sanne Nine Ways To Win Wounded Bird Skyband Rage (Germany) Shem Mamas Pride Wounded Bird Rainbow Best Of 2013 Sojourn Alan Parsons Heart Ghost (Norway) Promise The Sea Level Judas Priest Live Albums Matthew Ward Hilly Michaels Push (UK) David Lee Roth Grand Illusion Lebocat Oleander 38 Special Foghat Jesse Colin Youg Burn (UK) Panther Manfred Mann Earth Band Red Dawn Baby Tuckoo The Breaks Boetz EP Bente Smaavik Singles Unison One Truth Various Artists August Redmoon Frank Marino Quebec Rock Candy Records Hobbit Fastway Rock Candy Records Seven Ltd Tesla Slamer Foreigner Slade Lou Gramm Foreigner Rock Candy Records Tai Phong Mott The Hoople Various Artists Graham Goble Little River Band LRB Player Melee Sneaker Chorale Waysted EP Dream Theater Meldrum Moritz EP High Noon Bijelo Dugme Da Vinci Graham Grace UFO Wrathchild Fire With Fire Teen Machine Monroe Faragher Brothers RCR Sure Conviction Pretty Rough Lionel Richie Mercyful Fate Accept Jay Miles Zed Square One Marathon (USA) Tommy James Impellitteri EP Best Of 2011 Red Rider Work Of Art Anatomic Dreadful Minds The Bridge Firew Beau Coup Mr Mister Rock Candy Records Cains Offering Atello Striker (Canada) Nightwish Jaugernaut Black Sabbath Triosphere Striker (Canada) Midnight Oil Transcendence Robbie Nevil Wigelius Day One Bente Smaavik Singles Candy Ozark Mountain Daredevils Angel Rock Candy Records Solution The Radio Sun Soul Doctor Lightspeed Butch Walker Covered Call Praying Mantis Anvil Ace Frehley Dakota Ozzy Osbourne Jackyl Iron City Houserockers Snowfall Andrew Gold Gravy Train Lioncage From The Fire Yesterrock Fleetwood Mac Backwood Spirit Nelson Y and T At Vance D Beaver And Combinations Jimi Jamison ZZ Top Robert Sweet Stryper Overland Tone Norum Paul Raymond Addiction Tank Stongbow Kayak Rick Fowler Fortnox House Of Lords Great White DeBarge Sweet Comfort Band Best Of 2015 Sammy Hagar Taste (Sweden) Saga Twelfth Night Live Albums Muse Shadow Page Band Strangeways Rock Candy Records Negus Saga GNP Helloween Saracen Loggins and Messina Kenny Loggins Jim Messina Riot Vishusgruv Paul Janz Greg X Wishbone Ash Olivia Newton John Spooky Tooth The Outfield Johnny Van Zant Band Rock Candy Records Section A Elevener Banzai (Spain) Tarzen Kansas Live Albums Sunstorm Nielsen Pearson Faithealer Helloween Nick Bold Virginia Wolf Harem Scarem Robbin Julien EP The Rembrandts Promises Promises (L.A) Blessed By A Broken Heart Lee Aaron Jane Bogaert Fosterchild Only Child Legs Diamond Clocks Sharon O Neill Benedictum Bruce Gaitsch Stocks (France) Judas Priest Hellfueled Unruly Child EP Kamelot Steve Stevens Twenty Twenty Wrabit Toto Montrose Wounded Bird Rock Candy Records Be Bop Deluxe Aerosmith Susan Bill Champlin Joseph Williams Peter Friestedt Jet (UK) Pretty Wild Derelict Brew Hungry Heart Rush The Babys Rock Candy Records Drew Youngs VXN Blueminded EP New Frontier Satellite (Poland) Sweet Until Rain Lisa Burns Quarterflash Firewind Gus G Public Domain Billy Trudel Dynazty Aidean Taras Secret Moxy The Cowsills Killers Paul Dianno The Raspberries Best Of 2009 Jim Jidhed David Isaacs Stone Soup Saffire Amon Duul II Stage Dolls Nelson Cruella De Ville Daylight Robbery Electric Light Orchestra Saint Ozzy Osbourne Pavlovs Dog David Cassidy Actors And Actresses Angela And The Rude ESP Marathon Chameleon FSB Gaia Epicus Jiva Cooper Inc Dokken Dokken Rock Candy Records Kiss Sherbet John Miles Todd Rundgren Nobodys Fool Grand Prix Rock Candy Records The Eagles Rozetta Liverpool Echo Starship Quiet Riot Handsome Devil Claw T-Ride Cheek EP Overland Heinz Sight Prism Little River Band LRB Elevener Taste Rory Gallagher Quiet Riot Rock Candy Records Stark Naked Tangier Rock Candy Records Wounded Bird Issa Kanary Lorry Liberty N Justice Mydra Atticus Fault Fusician EP Blue Ash Highway (Australia) Sherbet Foreigner Bell And James Pablo Cruise John Jarrett Slyce Joan Jett Kansas Demon Drive Smashed Gladys Rock Candy Records Wounded Bird Toto Rock Candy Records Highway Robbery Chicago (Band) Kick (UK) Dan Seals Onslaught The Godz Alessi Skagarack Boz Scaggs Deathraiser Teer Metallica Whitesnake Dragon Fly Nightblade Oxendale and Shephard Miss Behaviour UFO House Of Shakira John Wetton Fireballet Messano Rick Fowler Fortnox Osukaru Niva American Angel Quicksilver Messenger Service John Fannon New England Evan Dando Outland Tycoon Dream Evil Black Rose Cher Les Dudek Gillan Ian Gillan Band Deep Purple Judas Priest Roadmaster Live Albums Steve Perry Shooting Star Ian Thomas Rock Candy Records Zeno Michael Stanley Band Ghost Ship Octavius Dakota Rock Candy Records Anvil Jeff Paris Armored Saint Rock Candy Records Squint Warrant Band Of Skulls Art Nation Queen Kjetil By Guido Mineo GTS Andy Fraser Free Cheap Trick Lake Axel Rudi Pell Bachman Turner Overdrive Seven Dalton Nikolo Kotsev Revolution Road Oak Left End Faro Magnus Karlssons Freefall Cotton Soeterboek Band Alcatrazz Yngwie Malmsteen Graham Bonnet Hubi Meisel Magnum (USA) EP Queen Blackfoot Wounded Bird Jackyl David A Saylor China (Switzerland) Def Leppard Denners Trickbag Donnie Iris Southern Steel Shooting Star Mark Holden Actors And Actresses Steve Miller Band Best Of 2012 Queen Furr Ambrosia Autograph Rock Candy Records Toploader TNT Metallica The Joneses Vital Signs Elvis Costello Kim Mitchell EP Zon Shannon Novo Combo Whiskey Myers Outside Edge Blackfoot Rock Candy Records 91 Suite Marvel Ragged Saints Promises More Rock Candy Records Silverwing Dwayne Ford Dark Sky Seals And Crofts Wounded Bird Peter Frampton LeBlanc and Carr Wounded Bird Sweet Unruly Child Starcastle Fancy Kevin McCourt Bill Meyers China Crisis Kansas Waltham EP Hush (USA) Oak Balanx Coda Paul Sabu Sabu Best Of 2016 UFO Steely Dan Time Machine Jeff Austin Project First Shot Vox Tempus Judas Priest Winter Parade Jag Yellow Dog Wayne Smart Chicago (Band) Saga Krokus John Kilzer ZZ Top Winger Wounded Bird Paradise Boetz Company Of Wolves H.E.A.T (Sweden) EP Midnite Club Savatage Xinema Blue Major Journey Frank Marino Quebec Rock Candy Records The Rods The Scorpions Oxygen Dokken Dream Theater Pathosray The Triplets Def Leppard Eric Carmen Nightwish Various Artists Touris Jamie Sheriff Trace Balin The Graces Garbo Talks Peter Cetera Wounded Bird Pierce Arrow Drew Barrett Blue Cheer Player Brothers Johnson Anthrax Cannata Jeff Cannata Whitesnake Black Tora The Babys Rock Candy Records Dakota Hotgun Albatross Procol Harum Tim Hunter James House Nick Gilder Cockney Rebel Saxon Bourgeois Tagg West Coast Pandemic Ambition The Nymphs Rock Candy Records Claire Vezina Quebec The Cranberries Barclay James Harvest Spiced Ice Harem Scarem Cliff Richard Erika Mistress Virgin Steele Drama Lucky 13 EP TKO Rock Candy Records Faith Circus W.E.T Pretty Maids The Scooters Jim Jidhed Poison Raw Silk Qwest Paul Janz Fire (Malta) Asperity Tarot American Noise Northern Kings Tideline Nobodys Fool Jim Steed Indicco Rogue Liverpool Express Teaze GNP (Gilmour Negus Project) Negus The Knack Mars Electric Michael Omartian John Illsley Dire Straits Bon Jovi Saga Live Albums Nantucket Flyweil Runner Maggie Bell Departure Streetheart Blaze Bayley Kansas Rock Candy Records Whitford St Holmes Juice Newton Wounded Bird Dara Sedaka Larry Carlton Nazareth Kings And Dreams Soleil Moon Steve Hackett Warminister Robert Plant Dreamtide Love Hunter Colosseum II Curves Baltimoore Diamond REO Rock Candy Records Affair 9.0 Skull Motorhead L.E.O Helix Cats In Boots Rock Candy Records Marcus Joseph Dugan McNeill Chameleon Michael Riesenbeck Oxido Blue Tears Emerson Lake And Powell Greg Lake Cozy Powell Keith Emerson Saxon Tinted Windows Dennis De Young Cruiser The Press GTR Maxx Explosion Sharon O Neill Starforce 1 Kelly Grocutt Electric Light Orchestra Mechanix Michel Polnareff Long Island Records Journey Soundtrack Freedom Call Syre Dare Icehouse Best Of 2011 Key Hugo Under Fire (1) Pipedream Dennis Churchill Dries White Sister Tattoo Rodeo Mark Williamson 9th Street Chalk Circle Vicious Rumors John Paul Young Praying Mantis Rob Frazier The Biz Tormentor Eloy Oz James Christian Anthem Quarterflash Motorhead W.A.S.P Eclipse (Sweden) Riot The Angels Rock Candy Records Axe Wounded Bird Lone Star Rock Candy Records Ethos REO Speedwagon Live Albums Nightwork Bonfire Schooltree Rock Opera Gerritsen and Van Dijk Styx Icehouse Wheels Of Fire Saracen Pride (Sweden) Sutherland Brothers SX REO Speedwagon Rock Candy Records Rob Rock Metallica Various Artists Soundtrack Private Eye (Norway) Jason Gonzalez Bronz C.C.C.P Broke N Blue Pink Cream 69 The Sighs Talk Of The Town From The Fire Bert Sommer Zon Brian Howe Dream Theater Electric Light Orchestra Electric Light Orchestra Mark Spiro Chris Montan Candy Rock Candy Records Uriah Heep Aina Krokus Helen Hoffner April Wine Mecca Michael Bolton Rage (UK) Rock Candy Records Santana Madame Mayhem Double Lancer Sko Torp Harlequin (Canada) The Doors Von Groove Michael Shotton Kingdragon Poets Of The Fall Eva Savage Silent Rage Black Majesty Eight (NZ) Wolf (Sweden) Treat Karat Michael Stanley Band Heat The (USA) Bad Company Nikolo Kotzev Brazen Abbot Amethystium Ambient Thread Phil Vincent American Tears Touch Drive She Said Civil War Sneaux Michael Bolton The Cheeters Firetown Anthrax VFX Ring Of Fire Call Me Starship FM (Canada) MSG Michael Schenker Glen Burtnick Kansas Export Rock Candy Records Dave Raynor Dark Sky Huey Lewis Danny Spanos Sabu Jimi Jamison Preview Rock Candy Records Black N Blue Absolute Zero Rubicon Ace Frehley Rose (Canada) Karson Nascent Wilfred N And The Grown Men Hungry Heart London Underground Blondie Accept Ignition Judas Priest Danny Spanos Rain Or Shine Bullseye Rock Candy Records Tilt Detroit Paris (France) Asia (USA) Billy Joel Vow Wow Bow Wow The Radio Sun Gunner Pink Floyd Robin Trower Live Albums Baal Vicious Rumors Rock Candy Records Wounded Bird Outside Edge Metallica Savage 707 Rock Candy Records Further Lo Vega Pantera Yes Zoid Eric Johnson Jethro Tull Kelv Hellrazer Interview Van Halen Twisted Sister Focus Judas Priest Dennis Waterman Actors And Actresses Tim Feehan Blue Oyster Cult Blind Fish Taipan EP Bow Wow Vow Wow Rock Candy Records Witch Cross Scandal #2 George Benson Grand Illusion Mermaid Kiss FM (UK) Dragon Best Of 2013 Donnie Iris The Churchills Mike Tramp The Rods Shakin Street Rock Candy Records Judy Street EP Scandal Patty Smyth Lynn Allen Gamma Wounded Bird Rock Candy Records Gordon Michaels Peter Straker Keystone EP Jenson Interceptor The Works The Buggles Geoffrey Downes Julliet Final Frontier David Bowie Joe Lynn Turner Wounded Bird Turbulence Danger (Sweden) Van Halen Life UFO VonRay Foreigner The Alchemist C Jane Run Utopia Todd Rundgren Eddie Money Rock Candy Records Yes Lazarus Randy Hansen Rock Candy Records Aerosmith Live Albums Axe Wounded Bird Robertson Bros Razorback Jethro Tull W.A.S.P Up All Night Tamarisk The Sherbs Sherbet Baby Blue Stan Bush Scott And Steel Blanc Faces I-Ten Rock Candy Records Newman Bo Donaldson And The Heywoods Blackfoot Rock Candy Records Symphony X Judas Priest Ghost Poets Michael Stanley Band Jonah Koslen Michael Stanley Blue Oyster Cult Live Albums Wireless Rock Candy Records ZZ Top EP Keel Balance Rock Candy Records Best Of 2015 Firefall Lionel Richie 707 Joshua Robbie Patton Jay Aaron Joe Perry Cowboy Mary-Lu Zahalan E Wade Paul Sabu Imperial State Electric Le Roux Asia Spin Gallery Richard Andersson Gary Private EP Breaking Benjamin U.K Rob Rock Knyght EP Forever More Overloaded Cage Nazareth Honeymoon Suite Rock Candy Records Snail The Guess Who Lawrence Davis White Widdow Wrathchild America Rock Candy Records Boys Of The Band Ten Barooga Bandit Lillian Axe Midnight Blue Warrant Tyketto Paris (Robert Welch) Artimus Pyle Band Heaven And Hell Among Thieves Strangeways Atkins/May Project Nova Rex Heartbanger Accelerator Fire (Malta) Mara Wilson Brothers Sven Larsson Xinema Street Talk Winter Parade Buxx Survivor Rock Candy Records Helix Rock Candy Records Rick Cua Deacon Street Sumerlands Victory Group Pedestrians Of Blue Diamond Head Kane Roberts Yesterrock Seven Hard Years Shy (UK) 7HY Bernie Marsden Grand Funk Railroad Live Albums Riddler Twisted Sister Helstar Bux Angel Daddy Warbux The Cherry People Stonewall Jeff Beck Enforcer Ted Nugent Candy Harlots April Wine The Val Joleen Body Electric Golden Earring Live Albums Roger Daltrey Actors And Actresses Jobriath Nightwinds Rob Rock Viana Street Legal Maxus Donnie Iris Saxon Visionary Triumph DVD INXS Allied Forces (USA) Alice Cooper Animator Wildlife Wounded Bird Kracker Pseudo Echo Holly Knight Bentwood Rocker Judas Priest Drive She Said No Soap Radio Blue Ruin Diamond Head EP Biscaya Captain Beyond Strontium 90 The Police Secret Poco Surprise Amboaje Grand Design Motley Crue Quiet Riot Armory Pretty Maids Trade Wind Iron Maiden Live Albums Roger Taylor Queen Iron Maiden Deep River Band Doobie Bros 3rdegree White Wizzard Queen Queensryche Lixx Ya Ya Lost And Found The Look Detroit Care Of Night EP The Godz Rock Candy Records Jay Ferguson Glamour Camp Doc Holliday Rock Candy Records Shyanne Orange Crush EP Killer (Switzerland) Trixter Phil Vincent Moxy Featherstone Orphann Chilliwack Molly Hatchet Live Albums Julian Lennon Brad Mormino Kicking Harold Anthrax Silver Condor SPYS Vyper Dolly Parton Actors And Actresses Firehouse Crimson Glory Laudamus The Strawbs Lance Keltner Cast Of Shadows Tony MacAlpine IQ Billy Thorpe Klaatu New Monkees Honeymoon Suite Def Leppard Jeff Paris Rock Candy Records Wet Willie Tears Seven Tears Europe (Band) Jono Celine Dion Best Of 2008 Grateful Dead Blue Steel My Son The Bum Dream Theater Jeff Healey Band Rapid Tears Dion Bayman Walk The Wire Yesterrock Bloodgood Angry Tears Buster Brown Heat (Germany) State Of Rock Omega Riser Vanden Plas Nexx David Shankle Group Hawks Véronique Béliveau Joshua Perahia Joshua Best Of 2008 Bad Sister Saga Motorhead Black Sabbath Fumble The Cryers Diesel (Holland) Flashman The Regulators Los Angeles Hogjaw The Big Easy Brad Byrd Lion H.E.A.T (Sweden) Hamlet Styx Shanghai Speedy Keen Saracen Karat Starcastle Rock Candy Records Dynazty M.D.G Matthew Guarnere AC/DC Paul Anka Tank Valensia Magnum Supreme Majesty Dreamhunter Morgan Alessi Wounded Bird Crystal Ball Dare Winger Adrian Zmed Actors And Actresses Merlin (Argentina) After Hours Whitesnake Live Albums Silberbart No Dice Mikael Erlandsson Black Sabbath Krokus Rock Candy Records Gregg Alexander Mylon And Broken Heart Eight Seconds A=440 Guild Of Ages Citadel Chasing Violets Grand Illusion Norden Light Jim Messina Wounded Bird Airless Alecstar Kevin Wet Toque Peter Bardens Camel Bonrud For My Pain Nova Persia EP Eric Martin Mr Big Wounded Bird Rock Candy Records Deborah Allen Judy Street Mass Joe Perry Ram Jam Blueminded P.O.D Dollar Axminster Omega Black Star Riders Face To Face Orleans Opus New England Rock Candy Records Wounded Bird Daughtry Ketih Herman Giant Planet Alliance Secret Service Baron Rojo Stephanie Howell Uncle Sid Lou Pardini Roko Rain (Norway) Tunefish Street Talk Coastland Ride The Tubes July For Kings Bittersuite Crashing Angels One Sinopoli Crane The Scorpions Accept The Rockets Amethyst Reckless Rock Candy Records John Parr Toto Rock Candy Records Robert Palmer Stalk-Forrest Group Blue Oyster Cult Challenger Shor Patrol Tesla Manowar Jani Lane Eric Carmen Python Superfecta EP New Found Glory Nathan Shaffer Gambler Roq Royale Motorhead Six Shot Revival White Sister Tattoo Rodeo W.A.S.P Spiders From Mars Jorn Eric Quincy Tate Patty Weaver Actors And Actresses ELI EP ABBA Franke And The Knockouts Rod McInnes 1994 Rock Candy Records Scandal Patty Smyth Rock Candy Records Black Sabbath Craig Fuller Eric Kaz Jerry Doucette Raven AC/DC Focus Brainbox Jan Akkerman Kaz Lux Von Groove Michael Shotton Elevener Modesty Avalon (Richie Zito) The Magnificent Wilshire Michael Morales Prism Sonata Arctica Under Fire (2) Soundtrack Various Artists Marmalade Bachman Turner Smokie Judas Priest Riggs Wounded Bird Schooltree Voodoo X Jean Beauvoir Survivor Rock Candy Records M.D.G Matthew Guarnere Hawkwind Bachman Turner Wild Horses (UK) Rock Candy Records Secrets White Wolf Yesterday And Today Y and T Bruce Willis Actors And Actresses Rose Tattoo Starbuck The Binges Dancer Rick Springfield Actors And Actresses Rock Candy Records Pablo Cruise Larry Carlton Book Of Reflections TRW Eve Moon Wally Fortnox Southern Sons Brian McDonald Uriah Heep Linehouse EP Tamas Elephant Bethnal Doc Holliday Illustrator Neonfly Lodi Vangouw Jakata Ziggurat Radio Moscow Paul Godfrey Band Black Majesty Alpha Cold Chisel Steelhorse (Spain) EP Triumph Starwood Helloween Magic Urgent (Canada) Twisted Sister Talk Of The Town Joe Cocker Frontline Dio Medusa Andersen Laine Readman Sacred Heart Steve Stevens Rock Candy Records Led Zeppelin Sunstrike Northbound Aerial Loverboy Red Wine Boston Axis Danny Johnson Coney Hatch Lionheart (UK) Rock Candy Records Planet Blue Hardline Winter Parade Koo De Tah Renaissance Critical Mass Cockney Rejects The Imps Frank Soda The Outfield A.R.S Atlanta Rhythm Section Waysted Yes Donald Dean Sonata Arctica The Godz Cyclops (USA) Stardrive Wounded Bird Cold Chisel Magnum Cheap Trick Arkangel King Diamond Mason Steel Rush Topaz (USA) Kiss Final Frontier Richard Marx Dogpound Van Stephenson Invisible Men Scrounger The Scorpions Burn (UK) John Wetton Toto Rock Candy Records Fraze Gang Pretty Maids The Law Rock Candy Records 21 Guns Sweet Stefan Zauner Freiheit Angel Dave Davies The Kinks The Stabilizers The Outlaws Rock Candy Records Aerosmith Metal Forces - Writers Top Twenty Of The 80s Dan Hill AC/DC Bliss Band Paul Bliss Gamma Wounded Bird Rock Candy Records Paul Schneider Saracen White Tiger Prayer (Finland) Omega Nazareth Pretty Wild Legs Diamond Presto Ballet Sturm Und Drang Street Legal Vandenberg Rock Candy Records Wounded Bird Thunder (USA) Wounded Bird Jag Wire Icon Boston Blinding Tears David Byron Uriah Heep Lucid Fly Hummingbird Lucid Legend Peter Frampton Live Albums SPYS Rock Candy Records Dan Hartman Stern Combo Meissen Qwest Wolverine Demon Ian Anderson Jethro Tull White Lion Rock Candy Records Kiss Danny Danzi Damnations Day Duke Jupiter Ines Dark Sarah Face Dancer Frontline Silver Shadow Jack Starr Phil Rudd Boston Monster Truck Savage Affair Sumner Sheila Alan Parsons Project Alan Parsons Oliver Dawson Saxon Boss Ferras Richard Kerr Helix Rock Candy Records Winger Mary-Lu Zahalan The City Men At Work Grapevine Reggie Knighton Ice Tiger Billy Rankin Nazareth Blackjack (USA) Michael Bolton Requiem (Slovenia) Erika Styx Toby Beau Rainy Season Trixter Duke Jupiter Wittnezz Agnetha Faltskog ABBA Anthem Fiona Billion Dollar Babies Dio Todd Hobin Bobby Barth Axe Wounded Bird Keely Keeling Line Up Mastercastle Jonah Koslen Lana Lane Coastland Ride Pretty Maids Black Majesty Evile Target Jimi Jamison Rock Candy Records Valentine Hugo Jack Street Band The Hunt Voodoo Hill Dion Bayman Rose Tattoo Dante Fox David Lee Roth Dream Theater Unruly Child Emergency (Switzerland) Bullet (Sweden) Styx Phillips MacLeod Classics IV October Project Chuck Francour Vinicio Airkraft Wisconsin Tony Joe White Wha-Koo Fabulous Poodles Einstein Lita Ford Rock Candy Records Doc Holliday Dragonland Metropolis Richard Stepp Jay Gruska Lee Aaron The Jitters Bowes Morley Thunder (UK) Phoenix Barclay James Harvest Robby Valentine Best Of 2011 Robert Lester Folsom Q5 Presto Ballet Southern Sons Stumblebunny Dan Reed Network Michael Thompson Band Concrete Jungle (USA) Sinner Crysys AdrianGale Richard Torrance Russ Taff White Lion Rock Candy Records The Feeling Threshold Fruupp OSI Helix Rock Candy Records Teaze Beau Coup Xeron Joey Stec Chosin Few Vince Neil Motley Crue Franke And The Knockouts The State Southern Sons Nick Gilder Place Vendome Silence Coney Hatch Rock Candy Records Witchkiller EP Dallas (Band) EP Sapphire Bandit Big Big Train Aquila Terra Nova Korea Dockers Guild Inglorious Various Artists Van Halen Agent Vardis Judas Priest Hydra John Wetton Jackson Browne Reuben Archer Kha Van Halen Citizen Kane Justin Sayne Larry Carlton Slade John Taglieri The Sign Mark Spiro Axe Red Rider House Of Shakira Hit The Ground Runnin Split Crow Paul Ryan Black Majesty Karla Bonoff Arena Bon Jovi Sonic X Lover Under Cover Best Of 2010 Dave Mason Work Of Art Toxic Shame Sencelled Richard X Heyman Domain Little River Band LRB Iron Mask Point Blank Harlequin (Canada) Rock Candy Records Thin Lizzy John Norum Barney Bentall Prey (Sweden) John Brannen Exovex White Diamond Winter Parade John Waite The Babys Bad English Rock Candy Records Avantasia Jesse Damon Silent Rage The Defiants Paul Laine Danger Danger The Rods Krokus Wally Wounded Bird Blue Murder John Sykes Ratchell Couchois Vanadium Dion Bayman Uriah Heep Cher Actors And Actresses Newman AC/DC Chango Red Rider Tower Gentlemen Without Weapons Legion Phil Vincent Quartz Simon Chase Long Island Records Live (Band) The Storm Grand Funk Railroad Benjamin Orr The Cars Richard Wright The Grand Masquerade Nantucket, Wounded Bird Dust Canned Rock Tears Of Anger Issa Bobby Friss Neal Schon Boston Alan Parsons Project Alan Parsons Piper Billy Squier Best Of 2008 Michael Learns To Rock Blackfoot Mark Farner Grand Funk Railroad Harlequin Mass Darksun Paris (France) Barry Manilow White Heart King Of Hearts (France) F.R David Sweet Krokus Ancara Stencil Forest Sieges Even Mindstorm Delta Savage Ace Frehley Von Hertzen Brothers Flag Arthur Offen Q5 Fogelberg Weisberg Scram Crowcuss Nan Mancini Biloxi Dark Moor REO Speedwagon Halestorm EP Distant Thunder Chris Ousey Marvel REO Speedwagon Rock Candy Records Wiggy Bits JD Bradshaw Blue Oyster Cult Grand Design Player EP Hardline The Treatment Donnie Iris Tomas Ledin Hot Flash Nervus Rex Charlie Summers Barclay James Harvest Thin Lizzy Best Of 2012 Kansas China (UK) Absolon Magnum (USA) Eternal Reign Michael Furlong Uriah Heep Newman Queen Casanova (Germany) Helloween Total Stranger Forest Green Theatre Judas Priest London Ted Nugent Frontline Zot White Spirit Stephen Crane Victorius Cheap Trick Roadmaster Rock Candy Records Stonebolt G.L.A.S (Italy) Triumph Best Of 2008 Driver (Canada) Cannata Jeff Cannata Arcangel Ultravox Magnum Eddie And The Tide Tin House Circle Of Fate Chris Ousey Chris Irvine M 80 Jefferson Starship Rox (USA) Goo Goo Dolls On The Rise Taras Secret Ragdoll Morse Code Nantucket Ben Sidran Phil Collins Black Sabbath Lion America Buckcherry Yes One Desire Aurora Megadeth Blackhawk Magnum Sass Jordan Chirco Eye (Sweden) Deep Purple Enchant The Scorpions Live Albums 9-1-1 Hall And Oates Santana The Hellcats EP Pablo Cruise Krokus Rock Candy Records Return Loverboy George Benson Fates Warning Roma Blackbury Accident Saga X-15 Dark Horse (Paul Laine) Paul Laine Mickey Thomas Jefferson Starship Starship White Heart The Babys Rock Candy Records Frozen Rain Hawkwind Sad Cafe Rabbitt Redvette Hinterland Lenny Zakatek Kilowatt The Guess Who Crowcuss The Coup Best Of 2015 Baby Grand Last Autumns Dream Argent Dreamtide Fair Warning (Germany) Finis Henderson Drive She Said Nocturnal Rites Theodore Ziras Bryan Cole Thunderstone Iron Butterfly Hobbit Dionysos Minor Giant James Newton Howard Tony Mills Air Supply Paul Bliss Bliss Band Marseille EP The Tories Brazen Abbot Nikolo Kotsev Dreamscape Pat Travers Band Yoso Foreigner Grant Stevens Nowherefast Black Majesty Tiles Angel Live Albums The Wackers X Japan Bryan Ferry Roxy Music Lee Aaron 4 Reasons Unknown Halestorm B.E Taylor Group The Loose Fist (Canada) Chameleon (TX) No Name Def Leppard Hobbit LA Guns Rock Candy Records Styx Vision Fields Vision Divine Smith And D Abo Tuff Alfonzetti Jagged Edge Best Of 2013 Anthem Jeff Healey Band Lec Zorn Project Paul Dianno The Hollies Line Up In Paris Ed Motta Strangers (Spain) Maxx Explosion Metallica Roger Joseph Manning (Jnr) Jellyfish Donnie Iris Neil Daniels Books Sapphire Eyes Little River Band LRB Kenny Stewart Stallion (USA) Intuition Paul Norton Michael Learns To Rock Uriah Heep Johnny Van Zant Band Rock Candy Records Jay Graydon Zoldar And Clark Jasper Wrath Cannata Arcangel Jeff Cannata Arden House Rio Rick Springfield Actors And Actresses Legs Diamond Enuff Znuff Van Halen Bobby Caldwell New England Raal Mexico Blood Ceremony Art In America Flickerstick Airborne Rock Candy Records Jadis Night Ranger Doc Holliday The Churchills Crash The System Prophet Circus (South Africa) South Africa Frontiers (Band) Anvil Bad Radiator Lars Eric Mattson The Tubes Marshall Law Freddy Curci Cirkus (UK) Randy Pie Love Life Avantasia Kix George Hatcher Damn Yankees Rock Candy Records Blue Oyster Cult REO Speedwagon Lindisfarne Henry Paul Band Wounded Bird Our Lady Peace Live Albums Pezband Terramara Damzel Hibria Black N Blue Lynx (Sweden) Arcangel Jeff Cannata Warrior Parramore McCarty Bruce Turgon Keane Room Experience Shining Line VU Queensryche Overkill Outloud Jackson Highway Scooter More Wounded Bird Rock Candy Records Bullet Billy Thorpe Brainstorm Charlie The Kings Wounded Bird Metal Church Zeroesque Bystander Trevor Rabin KXM Bonrud Ryan Adams Grace Slick Jefferson Starship Starship Fates Warning Bad City Autograph Rock Candy Records Best Of 2007 Santana Rapid Tears EP Workforce Blue Oyster Cult Trigger Rock Candy Records Headpins Darby Mills Krokus Rock Candy Records Wrabit Bay Rum Radio Exile Sonata Arctica 38 Special Foghat Streetheart Rock Candy Records The Imperials Best Of Decade 2000-2009 Sunstorm Sugarcreek Spheric Universe Experience Rhythm House Heartland Yesterrock The Tangent Bonnie Tyler Kiss Face Dancer Herbie Hancock Michael Stanley Shotgun Alley Tradia Face Dancer Hounds Nexx Malison Rogue Code Focus Czakan Jadis Chalice The Producers Yesterrock Avenger (UK) Secret Sphere Ochsenknecht Uttaro Trixter Planet X Masquerade Various Artists Nelson Dark Sky Wildland Electric Eels Prism The Max Level 42 Toto Billy Squier Rock Candy Records Doobie Bros Triumph Honeymoon Suite Jet Red Fargo Pathosray Ruby Starr Bloodbound Machiavel Omega Dave Mason Hawkwind Golden Earring Nazareth The Outlaws Elton John Chris Mancini On-Off BISS Brett Raymond Fury (USA) Nelson Neal Schon Chateaux Rainbow Bee Gees Newman Stormkro Judas Priest Armored Saint Rock Candy Records The Ultraviolet Aftermath Sweet Comfort Band Eddie Money Rock Candy Records The Imperials Jon Anderson Yes Air Supply Dixon House Band Dixon House Cher Actors And Actresses Status Quo Mark Spiro Incura Heart Nite City Quartz Terra Nova Rush Sons Of Servants Jamie Dakota Danny Chauncey Billy Satellite 38 Special Spy Thunderstone David Wolff Alcatrazz Steve Vai Graham Bonnet Joe Chemay Starship Franke And The Knockouts Jason Gonzalez The Cats Lancee Mark Mangold Headless Over The Edge Eddie Money Rock Candy Records Native Window Bodine Stargazer (Norway) Anyones Daughter Def Leppard Cut Lips EP Tony MacAlpine Dick St Nicklaus While Heaven Wept Cherry Lips Stories Ian Lloyd Tim Goodman Geoffrey Downes Bourgeois Tagg West Coast Surrender (US) Neal Schon Hammersmith Headpins Darby Mills Chasing Violets Phantom 5 Bonfire Jaded Heart Frontline Mad Max The Scorpions Casanova 707 Alan Parsons Diving For Pearls Rock Candy Records Dream Evil Departure Thunderbolt MPG W.E.T House Of Mirrors Thieves And Liars Rob Halford Newman Stiletto (Canada) Seven Witches Rik Priem St Paradise Heart True Confessions Aviary Rock Candy Records 101 South Greg Lake Rock Candy Records Magnum Beau Geste Bryan Hughes Quebec Iron Maiden Black Rose (Sweden) EP Zebra Rock Candy Records Sorcery Dante Fox Duke Jupiter Big Talk Ted Nugent Rock Candy Records Mc Queen Street Robby Valentine Nexx Status Quo Tantrum Hero (US) Graham Goble Little River Band LRB Trans Am Stan Bush Buckacre M.O.D Survivor Rock Candy Records Barros Son Of Eric Royal Court Of China Grace Slick Jefferson Starship Starship Player American Hi Fi Tony Martin Rachel Farris Trace Balin Invictus Triumph Sue Saad Terraplane (USA) EP Vandenberg Rock Candy Records Wounded Bird Uriah Heep Allen Lande Blackfoot Rock Candy Records Peter Frampton Perfect View Dee Snider Twisted Sister Shinedown Mammoth Helloise The Dictators Seventh Wonder Fastway Quiet Riot Beggars Opera Bandera Alan Gorrie Average White Band Liner Outside Edge Grand Illusion Heaven And Earth Geordie Tragik Phil Vincent Requiem (Slovenia) C.O.P Grand Illusion The Zombies Colin Blunstone T Bell U.D.O Accept The Cast Gasolin Mott Rock Candy Records Wounded Bird Dreamer (USA) EP Eloy Queen Memo Best Of 2007 Constancia Twisted Sister The Runaways Hybrid Ice Rob Moratti Alkatraz Monro Martin Levac Barnaby Bye Z Plan Revolver Damn Yankees Metal Church Michael Breen Brian Howe Demon Drive Sonata Arctica Garnett Ford Dream Theater Mychael Ice Blue 40ft Ringo 8084 Astral Doors Robbie Dupree Wounded Bird Kiss Various Artists Turbulence Highwind Zon Mothers Finest Coney Hatch Rock Candy Records Amorphis Omega Britny Fox Soul Shock Remedy Angry Tears Demon Drive Space Elevator Mothers Finest La Seine Voyager (Australia) Gotthard The Gathering Tiger (UK) L.A Cowboys Wig Wam Tommy Shaw Nitro (#2) Snow (Brazil) Razorback Scott Folsom Missouri Fortress Wounded Bird Rock Candy Records Rampage (USA) David Mario Percudani Hungry Heart Jethro Tull The Mob Night Ranger Scott Wilk Wounded Bird Lyrix Warp Drive Diamond Head Riverdogs Rock Candy Records Eloy Perfect World Athenaeum State Cows Motorhead Little River Band LRB Loudness Wounded Bird Mystic Prophecy Train Martin Briley Nazareth Armored Saint Live Albums Doc Holliday Rock Candy Records Aerosmith Asia Manfred Mann Earth Band The Clarks Iron Maiden Various Artists Soundtrack Fist (Canada) The Innocent Stark and O Brien Night Ranger Heavenly Accept Keel Burning Tree Rock Candy Records Daryl Hall Hall And Oates Newman Jellyfish Billionaire Boys Club John Hunter Hounds Christopher Cross The Thought Cornerstone The Bobbies Brainstorm Vandenberg Rock Candy Records Wounded Bird Eric Martin Mr Big Whitesnake Jace Pawlak Lynn Allen Buckeye KGB Tour De Force (USA) Sly Fox Best Of 2015 Cinema Face Spellbound Black Orchid Angel Rock Candy Records Motorhead Peter Bardens Camel Starz Wingdom Orphan Gypsy Skagarack Yesterrock Mike Rutherford Genesis Dio Smith And Hayes Prayer (Finland) Fenrik Lane Nitefire EP Al Denson Kayak Bente Smaavik Barclay James Harvest Uriah Heep Dark Moor EP Stray Dog Cloudscape Lodgic Decoy Vanderhoof Stencil Forest Scandal (Australia) Unruly Child Dragonland W.A.S.P Toja ZZ Top Karo Kobra And The Lotus EP Darkology Michael Harris Derek And The Dominos Ted Nugent Airplay Supertramp Lita Ford Crossfire (Belgium) Angela And The Rude Happy The Man Aces High Trans Am Harvest James Christian Sterling Urgent (USA) White Widdow Jet Hunter (USA) Hobbit The Group With No Name John Cafferty Beaver Brown Band Marillion REO Speedwagon Rock Candy Records Morningstar Badfinger Sandalinas Danger Avenue EP Off Broadway Skin Diver Jonah Koslen East Fandango Creed Doc Holliday Blackhorse Blackfoot Pure Prairie League Foghat Pat Travers Band Molly Hatchet Point Blank Henry Paul Band The Essential Series Queen Giants Karnataka Toto Soundtrack Player Vengeance Jack Russell Great White Golden Earring Don Johnson Voyager (UK) Gary Moore Starcastle Bonrud Blue Thunder Old Future Crash EP Washington Lees Experiment Toxic Shame Kiss Lyle-Shipp Project Exciter Trouble (USA) Cafe Jacques Van Halen Troy Newman Tim Feehan UFO Live Albums Voltz Marcus Rock Candy Records Southside Johnny And The Jukes Whitford St Holmes Lone Star Rock Candy Records Leatherwolf Maglev Robby Valentine Burns Sisters Rick Springfield Actors And Actresses Jefferson Starship Jethro Tull Find Me Invertigo Red 7 Place Vendome Ken Sharp Gravedigger Prophet Cornerstone John Jeff Touch De Mont Icon Wounded Bird Michael Bolton Survivor Distance Robert Hart Joal Jo Day Dendera Lauren Christy Various Artists Frontline (USA) Ken Hensley Dionysus Astral Doors The Scorpions Rossington Band Mox Nix Uriah Heep Innocent Rosie Amaranthe Starquake Axtion Hollander Flies On Fire Russell Hitchcock Air Supply Outloud Just If I Foreigner Heart Oleander Riot Accept Boulder Wounded Bird Charon Redd Kross AC/DC Live Albums Judge Parker Coney Hatch Rock Candy Records Eloy Kotipelto Danny Wilde TKO Rock Candy Records Crystal EP Patty Brard Rick Springfield Actors And Actresses Black Oak Arkansas Wounded Bird Pat Travers Band Malice Tina Arena Zebra Rock Candy Records Eric Johnson Riff Raff Wounded Bird Souther Hillman Furay Band Wounded Bird Michael Sembello Wounded Bird Dire Straits Helstar Presto Ballet John Norum Sweet Cheater Slaves To Fashion Stan Bush Rock Candy Records Airraid Arthur Offen Flag Alyson Avenue Bret Michaels Poison Anneke Van Giersbergen Forcefield II FM (UK) Al Stewart John Taglieri Artimus Pyle Band Bus Boys DErcole Phil Vincent Best Of 2007 Nazareth Morningwood Tony Harnell Renee Armand Armored Saint Hall And Oates Wigelius Denny Laine The Hollies Voodoo Six EP The Eurythmics Blue Oyster Cult Grand Hotel Millenium Toby Hitchcock Pride Of Lions It Bites Danny Wilde Hirsh Gardner New England Delp Goudreau Brad Delp Barry Goudreau Uriah Heep Trillion Rock Candy Records Southern Sons Sic Vikki Elias Hulk Refugee Yesterrock Something Wicked Best Of 2011 Dudek Finnigan Krueger Band Les Dudek Wounded Bird Dalton Whitesnake The Reds Fotomaker Wounded Bird Talisman Tempestt Nordic Union 91 Suite Firecracker Bad Boy Biloxi Caroline Blue Trickster KK Wilde Pleasure Addiction Trapeze Everon Aldo Nova Quebec Wounded Bird Molly Hatchet Michael Bolton Rock Candy Records Striker Burntfield EP War Firefly Shelter Romeos Daughter Rock Candy Records Litterer Sunstorm Airwaves Doc Holliday Asia (USA) Metallica William Lyall New England Infinity Records Ron Bolton Group Syron Vanes Flagship Walk On Fire Accept Jaugernaut Accept Sahara Snow Gary Myrick Tokyo (Germany) Yesterrock Uptown Sinclair Mark Free Lucifers Friend Trixter Deep Purple PV Serpentine Charlie Heist Pat McManus Mamas Boys Roger Joseph Manning (Jnr) Jellyfish Various Artists Thin Lizzy Smak Kelly Simonz Spider (USA) Asia Fools Paradise Dionysus Ian Lloyd Stories Steely Dan Dakota Peter Hammill Crossfire (Israel) Hanoi Rocks Rock Candy Records Survivor (LA USA) Defyance Tainted Nation Joe Satriani The Who Jon Entwistle Return To Zero (RTZ) Barry Goudreau Rock Candy Records Aviator (UK) Ol Paint Brother Firetribe Hauteville Beautiful Sin Aries Ozone Chris Ousey Kingdom Come Lec Zorn Project Krokus Rock Candy Records Broken Valves EP Line Of Fire Shaun Cassidy Actors And Actresses 40ft Ringo Heartplay Main Attraction Zipper Mahogany Rush Frank Marino Quebec Rock Candy Records Taxxi White Widdow Scaramouche Hybrid Ice Joey Summer Off Broadway Beautiful Beast Julian Angel Spacehog B.A Robertson Peter Emmett Story John Philip John Kurzweg U.D.O Accept Nocturnal Rites Wild Ride 805 Whitesnake Duke Jupiter Mayday Rock Candy Records Aldo Nova Quebec Rock Candy Records Wounded Bird Signal Harmony Chicago (Band) FM (UK) Nancy Boyd Zurich Megadeth Witness Yesterrock Stallion 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