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AC/DC - 1978 Powerage
AC/DC never played better and never had as much fun either, and you can hear it thirty years later.

AC/DC - 1979 Highway To Hell
The album that finally broke AC/DC in the U.S. would of course prove to be the final studio appearance of Bon Scott before he died in 1980.

AC/DC - 1980 Back In Black
It's hard to figure out how some albums manage to capture the public's attention to the point that they sell far beyond the norm, but this one obviously resonated with millions of people. Maybe it was the tragedy of the death of Bon Scott, maybe it was the hint of potential from the previous album, maybe it was just the right album at the right time. Whatever it was, this album has sold an estimated 50 million units worldwide to date and is one of the top selling albums of all time.

AC/DC - 1983 Flick Of The Switch
On 'Flick of the Switch,' AC/DC produces the album themselves, ditching 'Mutt' Lange, who worked on the band's prior three records. What AC/DC may of lacked in production skills was made up in terms of kick ass rock-with a sound and energy as subtle as a wolverine hopped up on crystal meth!

AC/DC - 1985 Fly On The Wall
This is held in reasonably high esteem by most these days and with good reason considering how well the songs have held up. It might not be as glossy as 'Back In Black,' but instead is more in keeping production wise with 'Powerage'.

AC/DC - 1988 Blow Up Your Video
While some would argue that Brian Johnson's croak is part of AC/DC's charm and appeal I'm not buying it. 'Blow Up Your Video' is a batch of mostly strong hard rock tunes, well played but poorly sung.

AC/DC - 1990 The Razors Edge
This rates for me as one of the weakest AC/DC albums overall, without the spark that usually invigorates their albums.

AC/DC - 1995 Ballbreaker
This was the first album from the band since 1970's 'The Razor's Edge'. Not the bands best as a whole, but still well up there. All the same it was a good comeback from the band and totally at odds with the miserable mid 70's.

AC/DC - 2008 Black Ice
Eight years between albums is an eternity, but if there is one band who can get away with it then it is certainly AC/DC, who at this point of their career are entitled to do anything they please. Given the long wait I couldn't help but wonder if the band might recreate the steaming boogie of the Bon Scott years, the hard rock muscle of 'Flick Of The Switch' or even the good time rock and roll of 'Blow Up Your Video'. On those counts the answer is 'no, vaguely and yes'.

AC/DC - 2012 Live At River Plate
This one was first released in 2011 on DVD and what a shocking display it is. Never had the band looked and sounded more tired, truly going through the motions in front of a massive audience. From the pathetic cover art to the music itself, this is a travesty which has no place in music whatsoever.

AC/DC - 2014 Rock Or Bust
With the recent tumultuous events surrounding AC/DC, it's safe to say their first album since 2008's 'Black Ice' has been overshadowed somewhat by founding member Malcolm Young's sad battle with dementia and Phil Rudd's recent arrest and apparent decline into drug induced oblivion. Musically it does nothing to influence the band, with the trademark sound as present as ever and probably more blatant than 'Black Ice' itself. Keeping things even simpler most of the songs are three minutes or less and the album clock in under 35 minutes, somewhat of a rarity in an age where every album seems to contain 15 songs and go over an hour.

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