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Dare - 1988 Out Of The Silence
Formed as an outtake by Darren Wharton after the demise/retirement of Thin Lizzy. A wonderful moment in UK AOR and a band that could have gone places had they stuck to the same gameplan and not got carried away by the hype.

Dare - 1991 Blood From Stone
Those who fell in love with Dare upon the release of their quite beautiful 'Out Of The Silence' LP, may have quite quickly fallen out of love upon hearing their 1991 follow-up 'Blood From Stone'.

Dare - 1998 Calm Before The Storm
Darren Wharton went to ground for a few years, keeping his head low as the grunge scene flew overhead, returning seven years later refreshed, recharged and de-electrified, as Dare emulate British contemporaries Iona and Irish favorites Clannad in a celtic flavored melodic style.

Dare - 2001 Belief
'Belief' is not so much of a departure, but a combination of the commercial approach derived from their classic debut 'Out Of The Silence' merging into 'Calm Before The Storm'.

Dare - 2004 Beneath The Shining Water
As much as I liked their debut and second effort (despite the latter's metal tendencies), I have come to terms that we will never get another album like 'Out Of The Silence' again.

Dare - 2009 Arc Of The Dawn
Any Dare release is well worth obtaining, but don't be expecting anything different or revolutionary, because you won't find it here.

Dare - 2012 Calm Before The Storm 2
The original 'Calm Before The Storm' was released back in 1998. Darren Wharton has seen fit to obtain the rights to his music, and reissue it in 2012 with a new line-up, completely re-recording the songs plus adding two new ones. The overall result is pretty good..

Dare - 2016 Sacred Ground
'Sacred Ground' is a stirring release, and I'm very happy to see Dare return to something close to 'Out Of The Silence', which obviously has been far too long in the waiting room department.

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