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Elevener - 2008 Interview: Johan Bergquist
One of the great surprises in the AOR world for 2008 is the Swedish duo going under the banner of Elevener. The duo in question are Johan Bergquist and Andreas Broden, who hail from the power metal capital of Scandinavia - Gothenberg. GLORY-DAZE editor gdazegod talks to Johan Bergquist about the power of eleven, and why it is that kaleidoscopes collide..

Elevener - 2008 When Kaleidoscopes Collide
ALBUM OF THE MONTH - JUL 2008. Just as we are getting our breath back after a slew of sensational 2008 releases, along comes a sensational new Swedish duo to set us on our way again. The project is called Elevener, and this duo are encamped in AOR territory, with a serious right to defend the melodic heartland with a serious arsenal of good songs and a supply of professional musicianship.

Elevener - 2011 Symmetry In Motion
Along with the aforementioned Bad Habit, plus new boys H.E.A.T and Houston, Elevener ensure that Swedish AOR is in pretty good hands at the moment.

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