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Eloy - 1981 Planets
Eloy released 'Colours' at the beginning of the 80's decade, followed by this, 'Time To Turn' (1982) and 'Metromania' (1984). All of them are worth obtaining, and represents a time in Eloy's career where their crossover into musical territory befitting this website, should be well and truly investigated.

Eloy - 1982 Time To Turn
The Eloy journey continued into 1982, the band having to find a set of songs to reach the dizzy heights of 1981's 'Planets'. 'Time To Turn' would be that album, and though the music isn't as outrageously good as its predecessor, there are still moments to delve into.

Eloy - 1983 Performance
For hardcore progressive fans, albums like 'Performance' and the follow-up 'Metromania' may have reeked of sellout to the MTV crowd, but I disagree, since this was still very much a prog band and a good one at that. This CD and 'Metromania' are both highly recommended and easy to obtain.

Eloy - 1984 Metromania
AOR is certainly a genre full of surprises. Just when you think you've turned over every stone and there's nothing left to discover from the classic era, a band like Eloy can humble you in a hurry.

Eloy - 1984 Metromania
Here's a second review of Eloy's 'Metromania', the first written by Lee a few years back. My take is pretty similar..

Eloy - 1988 Ra
Having started life as a pure prog band, the dawn of the 80's had seen Eloy venture further and further into AOR. Hardcore prog supporters felt betrayed but the AOR legions were only too happy to welcome Eloy into the fold. With a pre release album teaser released in late 1987, the new album 'Ra' hit shelves in early 1988.

Eloy - 1992 Destination
Despite a four year absence, the Eloy template had not been lost, and it was time to bring the car out of the garage for another run through the prog music fan's consciousness.

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