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Fates Warning - 1984 Night On Br÷cken
Here's a look at some very early material from American prog metallers Fates Warning.

Fates Warning - 1986 Awaken The Guardian
'Awaken The Guardian' has been labelled as one of the best progressive metal albums of all time. In fact, the FW team were way head of their time with this effort..

Fates Warning - 2000 Disconnected
While it's easy to see how the new style might have turned some fans off, this was always my favourite incarnation of Fates Warning, and probably the album I've listened to the most.

Fates Warning - 2004 FWX
A lot of people will say this album is forgettable, and while I do agree that they played this style a lot better on 'Disconnected', FWX can certainly stand on its own and I spin the album quite frequently.

Fates Warning - 2013 Darkness In A Different Light
In an era where progressive metal has increased in popularity due to an influx of the young fans and players of the sound, they haven't been active in the studio for about nine years. A recipe for disaster? Maybe.

Fates Warning - 2016 Theories Of Flight
I think it goes without saying that Fates Warning may have outdone themselves here, when comparing this to past efforts.

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