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Franke And The Knockouts - 1981 Franke And The Knockouts
Another legendary band from New Jersey. Perhaps playing a style which best represents the entire musical genre known as AOR.

Franke And The Knockouts - 1982 Below The Belt
Following the top forty success of the 1981 debut 'Franke And The Knockouts' and the top ten single 'Sweetheart', Franke and his Knockouts were under pressure to repeat the formula. With a heavy touring schedule most of 'Below The Belt' was written on the road, the bands record label giving the band 'three minutes to write songs' according to Franke Previte.

Franke And The Knockouts - 1984 Makin' The Point
There's something a bit special about these New Jersey legends, and it goes deeper than Franke Previte's golden voice. They show a genuine grasp of melodic hooks and quality AOR songs, regardless of tempo.

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