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Boomers, The - 1991 What We Do
Not happy with it being Ian Thomas solo + hangers on, they became The Boomers, playing a unique style, very different to Ian's own material, with his vocals heading off into Sting territory.

Thomas, Ian - 1978 Still Here
This album is quite atmospheric in places, and when they crank it up a bit, they sound similar to the UK band Pilot in their more AOR-ish moments.

Thomas, Ian - 1979 Glider
This is an album I've been wanting to get my hands on ages, having owned 'Still Here' for years.. this was like a missing piece!

Thomas, Ian - 1981 The Runner
This was Ian's first album for the Anthem label, after his association with the GRT label ended in 1980. 'Still Here' and 'Glyder', were released the prior two years and were reasonably successful albums in their own right.

Thomas, Ian - 1984 Riders On Dark Horses
The atmospherics and intelligent lyrics evident in his earlier material were now coupled with more forceful guitar dynamics - a winning combination which resulted in an album which is nothing short of an AOR masterpiece.

Thomas, Ian - 1988 Levity
Canadian Ian Thomas is well covered on this site, his career going way back into time. I can't reiterate enough, just how good this guy is. It's AOR of the most thought-provoking kind and essential listening. 'Levity' should be in your collection if you know what's good for you.

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