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Iron Mask - 2005 Hordes Of The Brave
If ever Yngwie Malmsteen wanted to emigrate to Belgium, he'd have to get past Dushan Petrossi first!

Iron Mask - 2005 Interview with Dushan Petrossi
Interview with Dushan Petrossi, from Belgian metallers Iron Mask. June 2005.

Iron Mask - 2013 Fifth Son Of Winterdoom
I have to say, 'Fifth Son Of Winterdoom' is a very melodic affair, and it was produced by Petrossi too! Very taken aback upon first listen, which can only be a good thing right? It was like listening to Brazen Abbot on steroids, though Petrossi's Malmsteen's solo noodling is still very much apparent. In fact, if you liked Malmsteen's 80's era, then you'll love this.

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