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Balin, Marty - 1981 Balin
Marty Balin's first solo album simply titled 'Balin' came out in 1981 on the infamous EMI America label, the same label and same year in which Kim Carnes was doing a roaring trade with her 'Mistaken Identity' album.

Jefferson Starship - 1974 Dragon Fly
From a very long time ago, Jefferson Starship (which in reality was the Jefferson Airplane with new guitarist Craig Chaquico and bassist Pete Sears) - beamed down an astounding debut to the masses in 1974.

Jefferson Starship - 1978 Earth
The original cover of 'Earth' featured movie poster lettering in silver foil inspired by the film 'Star Wars' which looked impressive, but for many fans who longed for the days of the groups earlier albums 'Red Octopus' and 'Dragonfly', this record was considered weak and in many ways a complete sellout.

Jefferson Starship - 1979 Freedom At Point Zero
Yes 'Freedom At Point Zero' was a landmark album for the band, and moved them out of that semi folky ballad territory occupied by Heart and Fleetwood Mac, and up alongside rockers such as REO Speedwagon, Styx, and Foreigner.

Jefferson Starship - 1981 Modern Times
'Modern Times' certainly has some magical moments onboard. Much of it is comparable to the previous album 'Freedom At Point Zero', so that can only mean good things right?

Jefferson Starship - 1982 Winds Of Change
It was a good exercise going back listening to this. I'll reconfirm by saying it's not their strongest album, but it was likeable in places, though I'm sure the band members couldn't convince me to like it anymore than that.

Jefferson Starship - 1984 Nuclear Furniture
On this one 'Nuclear Furniture', there's no confusion whatsoever. A wonderful album, recreating the genius last seen on 1979's 'Freedom At Point Zero' some five years previous.

Jefferson Starship - 2013 Live In Central Park NYC May 12, 1975
As crazy as it sounds in their heyday Jefferson Starship never put out a live record. However, this resulting long overdue two-disc release is spectacular.

Slick, Grace - 1980 Dreams
Interesting stuff and one of the more unusual albums you will come across. How bad you need this in your collection is up to you.

Slick, Grace - 1981 Welcome To The Wrecking Ball
Having just reviewed Grace's 'Software' album, and having read Eric's article on her 1980 LP 'Dreams', I thought it might be good to complete the picture by reviewing her 1981 set 'Welcome To The Wrecking Ball'. Well, aren't I glad that I did, because this is a storming set of hard rock, with Grace delivering a near flawless rockin' performance up front.

Slick, Grace - 1984 Software
'Software' would be the last of Grace's four solo albums (counting 1973's 'Manhole'), as she ventured all over the musical landscape for at least another decade before retiring. The material is very scratchy here, and not even Ron Nevison and Peter Wolf can save all of it, to be honest, though it's not a total write-off.

Thomas, Mickey - 1981 Alive Alone
Micky Thomas' second solo album from 1981 can best be described as a contender for the Good, the Bad and the Ugly..

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