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Last Autumns Dream - 2005 II
A Swedish supergroup of sorts.. pity the music doesn't match the talent.

Last Autumns Dream - 2007 Saturn Skyline
Overall the sound on this album is much better. Still veers down the poppier side of melodic hard rock for my liking, but 'Saturn Skyline's is a vast improvement on their earlier material.

Last Autumns Dream - 2009 Dreamcatcher
Well I'm glad to report if any season best describes this CD then it would be spring, new, uplifting, and full of life. Maybe they should consider a name change to Last Spring's Dream, although this would be shorten to LSD of course, now while this could well be a title of a Hunter S Thompson novel, you don't need any drug induced stupor to enjoy this result.

Last Autumns Dream - 2012 Nine Lives
Album number nine for Sweden's busy AOR team Last Autumns Dream..

Last Autumns Dream - 2017 In Disguise
If you have a penchant for picking up cover albums that have a modicum of interesting points, then add 'In Disguise' to your collection.

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