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M.S.G - 1991 M.S.G
A superb album. I knew it then and I know it now. A perfect example of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. To this day I still feel agrieved at the treatment suffered by albums such as this.

MSG (Michael Schenker Group) - 1980 The Michael Schenker Group
Schenker's pick of former Fraser Nash (who?) vocalist Gary Barden has to be the most lucid decision the spikey-haired wunderkind ever made and augmented by Don Airey on keys, Mo Foster on four string and journeyman drummer Simon Phillips; the results are ambitious and truly spectacular.

MSG (Michael Schenker Group) - 1982 Assault Attack
Despite their rapid demise, this version of MSG manufactured what is perhaps the pick of all the MSG albums, in large part to the appearance of Graham Bonnet, who coming off the success of his 1981 solo effort 'Line Up', had of course performed a similar role in Rainbow.

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