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Nazareth - 1975 Hair Of The Dog
Take a big dip into this album to discover a veritable selection of delights. Hard rockers who've never given this band the time of day should investigate this album, and discover a band who mixed up the likes of AC/DC, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple without really trying that hard.

Nazareth - 1980 Malice In Wonderland
Nazareth's 1980 'Malice In Wonderland' saw the band move into commercial territory, and ranks as one of their most underrated albums in their back catalogue. The album has been reissued in the last few years, with a bunch of additional tracks bolted on for good measure.

Nazareth - 1981 The Fool Circle
After the Americanised sheen of 1980's 'Malice In Wonderland', this effort compares as slightly more whimsical and British (or should that be Scottish?).

Nazareth - 1983 Sound Elixir
General reaction was quite critical at the time, some expressing the opinion that the traditional Nazareth sound had been too toned down this time. Don't be fooled. 'Sound Elixir' is one of AOR's hidden gems.

Nazareth - 1984 The Catch
The decision was taken to completely modernize the Nazareth sound, with all the sequencers and digital drum effects in tow. Dan McCafferty referred to this as a serious attempt at techno Naz. Now these things can enhance an album if used properly, but it can also go horribly wrong..

Nazareth - 1986 Cinema
I have always read that this album had the most AOR tendencies, even citing similarities to Journey. While I can not totally agree with this statement, many of the tracks are what I would call traditional Nazareth tunes.

Nazareth - 2008 The Newz
All in all, 'The Newz' is a well overdue studio album from this recognised dinosaur. Probably not reaching the stellar heights of their mid 70's period, but they will make a whole bunch of die-hard supporters very happy indeed.

Rankin, Billy - 1984 Growin' Up Too Fast
With 'Baby Come Back' being a singles success, Billy Rankin toured the US to some some acclaim, even being removed from the opening slot on .38 Special's tour as he blew them off the stage repeatedly.

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