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Nexx - 2001 Promo CD
Here's another band in the queue waiting to break out of the burgeoning Spanish melodic rock scene. Hot on the heels of bands such as Rafa Martin, La Fase, Elyte, Seven Ltd, and more recently the impressive 291 Suite, come Nexx.

Nexx - 2003 Colours
Nexx have truly landed! 'Colours' has a very 'big' and spacious feel to it, which allows the vocals of Patricia Tapia to climb all over the material which she does with ease. Fran Rodriguez's keyboards gives the band added depth and atmosphere, not overly-saturating mind you, but a lovely layered sheen similar to the first Cornerstone album 'Arrival' for instance.

Nexx - 2003 Interview with Fran Rodriguez
Interview with Nexx's Fransisco Rodriguez. June 2003.

Nexx - 2006 Another Dawn
Nexx continue their well-honed melodic craft, of female fronted splendour, in the vein of Heart and Broke N Blue - the latter a very good reference point for this 2006 album 'Another Dawn'.

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