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Only Child - 1988 Only Child
Only Child was the late eighties musical vehicle for L.A session king and AOR hero Paul Sabu. At the time, Sabu was the darling of several melodic rock mags, but somehow that enthusiasm didn't translate into universal support among the global fan-base. However, those with a hankering for Sabu's certain musical and visual appeal, plus long time fans ignored the derision from certain quarters, and lapped up Only Child like thirsty children.

Only Child - 1996 Only Child II
It's clear to me that Sabu was a great representation of the 80's, and that's where I prefer to remember him by. The songs here are a varied collection, nowhere near as focused as the 1988 debut. It's a mostly hard rock/metal performance, with little in the way of glossy keyboard overload and rich melodies.

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