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Hitchcock, Toby - 2011 Mercury's Down
It astounds me that the melodic rock and AOR community still fawn over Steve Perry nearly 15 years after his self imposed move away from public view. Come on people, get with the 21st century, he ain't coming back anytime soon, so let's move onto the next vocal king of the genre - one Toby Hitchcock.

Pride Of Lions - 2003 Pride Of Lions
A well overdue review of this album is warranted. Particularly because many people rate it as the album of 2003. I was keen to hear what everyone was jumping up and down about. Well, after listening to the album, I came away highly impressed, but not completely blown away..

Pride Of Lions - 2004 The Destiny Stone
Still some debate as to whether 'The Destiny Stone' compares favourably with their debut from 2003, but when melodic rock fans are starved of choice these days, we'll take anything that's on offer, particularly when it is this good.

Pride Of Lions - 2007 Roaring Of Dreams
I liked their debut a lot, the second album 'The Destiny Stone' is also good, but this new one 'Roaring Of Dreams' is a different beast altogether. Perhaps harder, and with an aggressive edge on some tunes.

Pride Of Lions - 2012 Immortal
I've always liked PoL because their music sits right in the center of AOR, which as we know is the cornerstone genre of this website. A hand fit glove situation as it were, and on that basis, 'Immortal' does not disappoint for the true AORster among you. If you like your AOR somewhere north of Survivor and perhaps east of Dakota, then Pride Of Lions is for you.

Pride Of Lions - 2017 Fearless
These guys have been around long enough for you to know whether you like them. If you're a fan, this certainly won't disappoint.

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