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DuBrow, Kevin - 2004 In For The Kill
Kevin DuBrow's first solo album, is a covers affair of well known and obscure 70's hard rock tracks. An above average set here, heads above the majority of bland covers albums which has become the norm. At least DuBrow has put some thought and imagination into the track listing, with some familiar and not so tracks making the cut. DuBrow himself turns in a fine vocal effort, obviously enjoying the chance to sink his teeth into his favoured tunes.

Quiet Riot - 1983 Metal Health
Where were you in 1983? What do you remember from that year? Let's not forget L.A metallers Quiet Riot, who reinvented themselves and became megastars during that year if only briefly. With their third album 'Metal Health', the band struck favour from everywhere.

Quiet Riot - 1984 Condition Critical
A year further on from 'Metal Health', Quiet Riot returned to release a new record which was an exact duplicate of what went before.

Quiet Riot - 1986 QR III
Call it the sinking ship syndrome, or perhaps the last chance saloon, but by 1986, the members of Quiet Riot must've felt like they were having one last drink before hitting the road for the last time.

Quiet Riot - 1988 Quiet Riot
QR went all out on this, going for an epic feel, with a mixture of ballads and rockers, trying to cash in on the success of Whitesnake and Bon Jovi, only to be left with a flop of colossal proportions.

Quiet Riot - 1999 Alive And Well
Only eight new tracks were recorded for this album 'Alive And Well', the rest consisting of an AC/DC cover (Highway To Hell) and six re-recorded QR 80's classics.

Quiet Riot - 2001 Guilty Pleasures
'Guilty Pleasures' surprised me by not only exceeding 'Alive And Well' for hard rock consistency, but became in my opinion the finest album of their career. It appeared all the years of turmoil and in fighting had given the band precious experience into improving the caliber of their music.

Quiet Riot - 2006 Rehab
Like a bad case of watching 'Magnum PI' or the 'Dukes Of Hazzard', Quiet Riot are bought back to life in my living room. Fearing my stereo would rebel against such offerings, I was surprised to find that the electrical wiring is still intact and my stereo still in one piece..

Quiet Riot - 2014 10
There's still life in Quiet Riot and Banali has been proven right in the long run to keep the band alive in DuBrow's memory. Even with only six new tracks this is a worthwhile listen and even the live tracks have some appeal.

The Essential Series - 2017 US Hard Rock (Volume 1) by Dtabachn
The early days of American Hard Rock produced some classic LP's. Here's ten of the best as cherry-picked by Dave Tabachnik. And it's only Volume 1, with more to come..

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