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Rose Tattoo - 1978 Rose Tattoo
Take nothing away from this album and the impact it made and continues to even now. Both 1981's 'Assault And Battery' and 1982's 'Scarred For Life' had their moments, but the jarring intensity of the riffs and ferocity was much more diluted than the aural massacre of thise debut.

Rose Tattoo - 1986 Beats From A Single Drum
One of the great rock bands to emerge from Australia. And a tribute and testimony that Angry Anderson still has the band firing on all sixes in 2007. However back in 1986, 'Beats From A Single Drum' was a very commercial and melodic rock sounding album. I love it, but in saying that, it is not the traditional fare of Rose Tattoo, and many would've been left aghast at the change of sound!

Rose Tattoo - 2002 Pain
For many fans 'Pain' is the first proper Rose Tattoo album since 1982's 'Scarred For Life', 1984's 'Southern Stars' and 87's 'Beats From A Single Drum' - though those three efforts are not in keeping with the raucous nature of the classic 1978 self titled debut or 81's 'Assault And Battery'. Finally this has been put right with an album able to stand alongside the first two.

Rose Tattoo - 2007 Blood Brothers
I will admit that these guys - even now as we venture well beyond the 21st century mark, are a very very good outfit - something I'm not that good at saying about our Antipodean cousins. The Tatt's continued focus on a bluesy style of rock and roll means familiarity, and no unnecessary attempt to reinvent themselves..

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