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Radioactive - 2001 The Ceremony Of Innocence Interview with Tommy Denander
The 'Ceremony Of Innocence' interview (2001).

Rods, The - 1981 The Rods
Who remembers these guys? The Rods. A manic and rabid trio of heavy metallers from New York. Well that's how they might have ended up, but initially when they first came out, their music was great commercial flavoured hard rock.

Rods, The - 1982 Wild Dogs
The second Rods album was unfairly panned by Sounds magazine at the time of it's release back in 1982. We take it into our own hands to correct that matter..

Rods, The - 1984 Let Them Eat Metal
Following the disaster of their Live album, The Rods regrouped and regained some of their momentum with 'Let Them Eat Metal' which is as concise a document of where U.S. heavy metal stood in 1984. It proved The Rods still had the goods, even if their audience had all but moved on.

Rods, The - 2011 Vengeance
Let's face it, The Rods aren't out here to dazzle us with science. It's a basic formula perfected over many years, and though Dave Feinstein's vocals lack the snarl and bite from their glory days, it's just a great sight to see The Rods back in action.

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