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Trixter - 1990 Trixter
The comic-book nature of the album cover-jacket might have been a pre-cursor to understanding what Trixter were all about.

Trixter - 1992 Hear!
After a long extended run touring their 1990 debut, 1992's 'Hear!' is a pretty damn smokin' record, poking a red hot stick through the middle of the grunge movement as it were.

Trixter - 1994 Undercovers
So then, this their third album would be prove to be make-or-break for the band. Everyone told Trixter that releasing an album of covers at that point in their career would be a mistake. So the boys figured that would be reason enough to go ahead and do it anyway.

Trixter - 2012 New Audio Machine
'New Audio Machine' is the first 'Trixter' studio album in absolute ages (1994 in fact), and though the general consensus of their 21st century comeback is one of enthusiasm and hope, I still don't think the band have truly released an OTT album.

Trixter - 2015 Human Era
'Human Era' is a good consistent album, topped by some killer riffing by our six-string slinger Steve Brown. If you like debut era Enuff Znuff, or the rockier side of Cheap Trick, then this might be up your alley.

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