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Warrant - 1989 Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich
1989 was to me - a great year for melodic rock. There were many fantastic releases for which my hard earned cash crossed the counter in exchange for. This album wasn't one of them.

Warrant - 1990 Cherry Pie
Another album that slipped through the GDM cracks. Warrant's second album 'Cherry Pie' is; a genuine hairspray legend.

Warrant - 1992 Dog Eat Dog
When 'Dog Eat Dog' hit shelves in 1992, every former admiring hack shot the album down as an attempt to fit in, with Warrant toughening up their sound and adopting a meaner image.

Warrant - 1996 Belly To Belly Volume 1
Ths album is almost unlistenable. In fact it is. The whole album is a disaster musically, so devoid of originality, heaviness and melody that it could be conceived as tragic.

Warrant - 2006 Born Again
Warrant return in 2006 with a new album, and a new singer.. Jaime St James. Attitude, and an 80's retro rock vibe are back on the table once again.

Warrant - 2011 Rockaholic
Truly a no frills album with plenty of melody and aggression fused together and I think there must be an element of satisfaction for the band, who have outlived the bands who supposedly brought their world down back in the early 70's.

Warrant - 2017 Louder, Harder, Faster
Plenty to appreciate here and something which should please longtime fans of the band and even win them a few new ones with some luck.

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