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Wheres balls to the wall review? that album is one of the best metal albums EVER ! ...
I think what makes Accept great apart of Udos voice is the great Wolf hoffman riffs and solos . hes truly original and one of the best metal guitarrist from the 80s.
#2 | melodiapositiva |  ? 
at October 16 2017 17:04:20
Ok album,but the second one "act of love" is very good,totally recommended for aor prog fans....
#3 | gdazegod |  ? 
at October 16 2017 08:59:50
Been playing this one quite a lot lately. Fantastic stuff.
#4 | dangerzone |  ? 
at October 15 2017 22:22:22
Despite my glowing review, I haven't listened to this album since 2007 at least. Looking back it just doesn't cut the mustard so to speak.
#5 | richardb |  ? 
at October 15 2017 18:18:48
I was lucky enough to catch the band live a couple of weeks ago and concur with all of the above. Nathan has certainly got the pipes and the stage prescence too!
#6 | TheMurf |  ? 
at October 15 2017 16:56:51
Make Me Do Anything You Want was also a cover of the original from fellow Canadian rockers "A Foot In Cold Water". Their version was a hit in 1972.
There is a 2 on 1 CD out for the two BTO albums without Randy Bachman. It's on a U.K. reissue label called BGO Records. You can order it from Amazon.
OK it's not earth shatteringly original, however it's unahashamedly upbeat and let's face it the perfect tonic for these troubled times we live in at the moment. The album opens strongly with the upbeat duo of 'Risk everything' and 'Chance of a lifetime'. However my fave cut has to be the delightful 'Thee crescendo' - one for hopeless romantics everywhere and guaranteed to lift your flagging spiritsThumbs Up
Magnificent by name and indeed magnificent by nature. An amazing vocalist, memorable songs and outstanding musicianship all adds up to an aural delight. As you say George, would be great to see them in a live setting.
#10 | gdazegod |  ? 
at September 04 2017 19:17:23
Oops. It is too. Correction made. Obviously, too much caffeine when I wrote that.. lol!
#11 | Jez |  ? 
at September 04 2017 19:11:14
Chris De Burgh it is Wink
i Thought the same ,maybe it´s a mistake hmm!
No ava#13 | super80boy |  ? 
at September 04 2017 16:50:38
Strong athletic guitar & bass playing is a huge plus on this killer debut. The quick-paced ‘Wind Me Up’ and ‘Addicted To That Rush’ are standouts as well as the melancholic ‘Had Enough’. ‘How Can You Do What You Do’ is first-rate melodic hard rock.
No ava#14 | super80boy |  ? 
at September 04 2017 16:04:25
Billy’s production team brought in the keyboards for this 4th go around and they definitely make themselves at home right out of the gate on catchy opener & second album single ‘All Night Long’. Even on the huge selling single ‘Rock Me Tonite’ the keyboards pomp away. There’s cool guitar work on ‘Reach For The Sky’. Billy tries to harken back to his earlier days with the edgy rocker ‘Can’t Get Next To You’. The operatic female background singing is a bit strange on ‘Another 1984’. Capitol spared no expense on the album marketing – the vinyl has nice custom labels and there’s a nice glossy inner sleeve.
#15 | Eric |  ? 
at September 04 2017 16:02:54
I tend to agree, as quirky as those early 80's albums were, I'll take the lot and the first couple albums over the later stuff...
#16 | Eric |  ? 
at September 04 2017 16:00:49
I give you credit Alun, I wouldn't haven't bothered.
Umm - always thought that "Don't Pay The Ferryman" is a Chris de Burgh song, not Chris Rea...
#18 | gdazegod |  ? 
at September 04 2017 07:34:16
Yep, here we go..

<img src='https://glorydazemusic.com/infusions/images/reviews/atticusfault_bcw.jpg'>
#19 | gdazegod |  ? 
at September 04 2017 07:30:27
From your neck of the woods Nick. Thumbs Up
#20 | Nick C |  ? 
at September 04 2017 05:34:15
Wow, at first I thought this was an Atticus Fault review when I looked at the small images on the home page, the cover shows strong similarities to their Bombs Cannot Wake release. Nice seeing a young UK band flying the flag though.
#21 | Explorer |  ? 
at September 03 2017 14:40:47
I think the Warrior CD coming out now is just that, a coincidence.I've seen some speculation on the `net about Vinnie`s reappearance being linked with the forthcoming release. I know Hirsh wouldn't ever get involved with Vinnie again after his many troubles with him, and as for the other New England boys, I don't think so. I spoke with Gary Shea a little while back when he told me about the Warrior CD coming out, but he hadn't heard from Vinnie for over 20 years.
#22 | gdazegod |  ? 
at September 02 2017 11:19:36
You can read the letter on our Twitter Feed. Refer left-side panel.
#23 | reyno-roxx |  ? 
at September 02 2017 10:15:15
A bit of a coincidence with the imminent arrival of the Warrior CD. Get that one while you can!
#24 | gdazegod |  ? 
at September 02 2017 00:53:22
That George Duke track is very nice. Sounds a bit like Phil Collins circa mid 80's, particularly with that big drum sound.
#25 | rkbluez |  ? 
at September 02 2017 00:41:52
Love Sea Level all of their albums are great IMO...the musicianship is stellar...glad to own all of them on CD now that BGO has recently done Ball Room.
#26 | Explorer |  ? 
at September 02 2017 00:34:59
As an aside Vinnie has finally broken his long silence today with a hand written letter to fans and is (apparently) appearing at a KISS expo in January of next year.
#27 | dtabachn |  ? 
at September 01 2017 23:06:57
I agree, Ezrin's production was superb. I believe Paul Stanley is currently not speaking to Ezrin because of some kind of misunderstanding between them. Also agree with Singer and Kulick being the stars on Revenge, two fantastic underrated musicians. And Vincent has always been a great songwriter. What a pity his current personal issues. As I said in the review, I loved Revenge in 1992. These days, there are some songs I tend to skip when I listen to it.
#28 | Explorer |  ? 
at September 01 2017 22:34:09
I for one think that Ezrin and KISS are a nigh on perfect fit for each other and this album along with his other productions jobs on Destroyer and The Elder make for some of the bands best work, and I also think that the involvement of one V.Cusano on the writing side for Revenge helped things too.
No ava#29 | spawn71 |  ? 
at September 01 2017 19:29:00
Well, not a masterpiece for sure, but a solid disc, surely their best from the 90's. I appreciate especially the great performance of Eric Singer and Bruce Kulick, two real musicians, not two masked clowns for live shows. And I still remember very well that almost every magazine saluted the return to form for Kiss back in the day, when this one was originally released.
#30 | rostoned |  ? 
at August 31 2017 20:33:47
Ex-Preview drummer Ed Bettinelli resurfaced in the early 90's in the combo Beg Borrow & Steal, who signed with RCA and recorded a full album with Sir Arthur Payson producing, but the opus was indefinitely shelved. It was reissued finally in 2017 legally by italian label Steelheart Memories, titled "Push And Shove",with support from the band.
#31 | gdazegod |  ? 
at August 30 2017 21:44:47
Just to confirm, I did actually buy the Rock Candy version. I found an Australian seller here in Melbourne who had a whole raft of RC releases; I picked them all up on Ebay.
#32 | rostoned |  ? 
at August 30 2017 12:10:21
Jon Fiore sings lead vocals on George Duke's "Why" song off his "Thief In The Night" 1985 opus on Elektra.

YouTube Video
I finally came across a CD edition of this album and can confirm that additional (deluxe) guests on backing vocals of "Hard Luck Heroes" only are Desmond Child, Jon Fiore, Lou Merlino and Myriam Valle. Martee LeBow is a backing vocalist on "Lost In The Lights Of Broadway".
#34 | dangerzone |  ? 
at August 29 2017 14:18:51
I could never bring myself to review this one. Like Hot in the Shade, it's never appealed to me. Dave used the term 'forced' and that's exactly what it is. I probably haven't listened to this in 20 years and I'm sure that won't change. I know Kiss was trying to toughen up again and to back to a 70s style direction, but it fell flat to my ears.
#35 | gdazegod |  ? 
at August 29 2017 07:21:28
YouTube Video
Kiss - 1992 Unholy
YouTube Video

Kiss - 1992 Domino
YouTube Video
I recently broke this album out for another “re-discovery” spin – as it’s been close to a decade since I heard it. I’d agree that the band maneuvers through a variety of sounds and styles – but I really enjoyed it. The opening ‘Jerkin Me Around’ has a progressive feel with the added sound effects. The title song is a competent ballad with crisp melodic arrangements and the airy ‘Lullaby’ takes it up a notch with ballad creativity. The driving ‘Everlasting’ is an album standout as well as the male/female vocal interplay on ‘On The Downside’. You get some pomp action in ‘Without Your Love’ as well as a decent guitar riff. The album insert (although black & white) has a large collage of band pictures, which is a nice touch for this obscure private press.
For what it is – a tier two glam pop metal outfit with androgynous made up looks – they blow through some inspired genre cuts. The album starts pretty well with the first 3 songs being the stronger cuts – as well as Side Two’s opening fist pumper ‘Rock And Roll Outlaws’ and melancholic ‘The Last Kiss’. Lead singer Steve Summers does have vocal similarities to Vince Neil.
The albums from the early 80's are pretty out-there but are actually interesting stuff, I think. At least more so than what have been released from 1986 and onwards.
#39 | gdazegod |  ? 
at August 25 2017 12:47:17
I would be interested to know if the offshoot band Renegade actually released any material, either demos or radio broadcasts or some such.
Eat the heat is a work of art compared to this...(at least they tried new things on that one)
Accept has de "axelrudipell" syndrome ,the songs of their 4 last albums could be on the same album,"blood" was a good comeback but the others are boooring and repetitive as hell .
#41 | gdazegod |  ? 
at August 24 2017 07:16:05
I found Tornillio's voice a hard ask listening to this. I know Udo had has quirks too, but strange as it seems, I always found a way to get past it.. hiding
#42 | dangerzone |  ? 
at August 24 2017 06:30:44
Having heard every Accept album ever made and considering myself an expert on the band, I stand behind every word I wrote here and actually despise this album even more in the two weeks since I wrote it. If you feel that way, well great, but to compare this to their best work is an insult. You must be hearing something I don't. It's putrid.
No ava#43 | opbrekke |  ? 
at August 24 2017 04:04:00
Oops, my bad, meant to say objective because that is one thing this review isn't.
No ava#44 | opbrekke |  ? 
at August 24 2017 04:00:32
This must be the most ridiculous review I've ever had to read on this site. Much like the recent Megadeth reviews that always thrashes their releases here ,we have a reviewer that doesn't like a bands latest outputs. Fine, it's your right, but at least strive for being subjective. In my opinion this is the best of the new Accept releases by far. The riffs are pretty original compared to most metal bands around. The songs are close to old Accept. For my money this is the best Accept album in years. I respect most people's opinion, but in this case I think the reviewer is way off. To me, this is the best album of the year so far.
#45 | gdazegod |  ? 
at August 24 2017 02:06:43
Oh dear.. Shock
Masterpiece!! it´s incredible there are albums like this still hidden out there ,this is the best aor stuff in a long time .
Hey George if you find that time machine ,keep a seat for me Grin
#47 | rostoned |  ? 
at August 23 2017 17:26:26
The "fake" Time Warp issue of Person 2 Person demos was nothing but a CDR made on demand by McCaslin in Vegas and a friend in another state, very recently as well, so the 2009 date was a total bogus to fool you into the idea they were a classic bootleg label. The "real" Time Warp back in the day (see ZZZYZK, etc) used to print silver CD bootlegs and not home made CDRs like above, but I am not sure if it was run as well from McCaslin in Vegas or not..........

The silly thing this recent bogus TW (home made CDRs) specialized in, was downloading Camelblue AOR blog entries and then selling those entries as CDR faking old release dates! how poor..........argh
#48 | rostoned |  ? 
at August 23 2017 17:19:02
I am quite sure Barrie was annoyed by the silly name and the horrid cover........o_OGrin
#49 | rostoned |  ? 
at August 23 2017 16:20:25
It is sold also as a physical CDR on Amazon, but it's one of those made on demand CDR. As far as I know a silver CD doesn't exists
#50 | mickey |  ? 
at August 23 2017 15:23:27
what a great album, IMHO a masterpiece.
The true sound of classic AOR. This is as good as it gets. Guidry had the sound down to an art form.
#52 | rkbluez |  ? 
at August 22 2017 11:13:00
Decent album not earth shattering but I've heard much worst. The dry and more raw production and the different vocals definitely are a lot different but it works for me. It's got more of a 70's type gritty sound. Like Banali's style of drumming...nothing flashy here just some solid grooves...at least the drums sound real unlike some of the other Frontiers projects records where the drums sound like drum machines.
#53 | Eric |  ? 
at August 22 2017 11:12:38
There were quite a few AOR Classics reviews that didn't quite live up to expectations and agree, this was one of them. Not trashing the mag though, great stuff!
#54 | gdazegod |  ? 
at August 22 2017 07:52:41
Greg Guidry - 2017 Heart To Heart
YouTube Video

Greg Guidry - 2017 Runnin' From Love
YouTube Video

Greg Guidry - 2017 She's Gone
YouTube Video
#55 | gdazegod |  ? 
at August 22 2017 01:56:23
Used Records - 1994 Three Way Heartbreak
YouTube Video

Used Records - 1994 And You Know Why
YouTube Video
#56 | gdazegod |  ? 
at August 21 2017 22:44:08
Our DL link in the Forums section is here. Members only. "" ..""
Just listening to their "Internal Affairs" release. Awesome!! music
#58 | dangerzone |  ? 
at August 21 2017 16:31:45
I definitely 'hate' this guys vocals. I actually enjoyed the last album with Jizzy Pearl, but this is absolute trash. To me it's unlistenable and this band like so many others needs to hang it up.
#59 | dtabachn |  ? 
at August 21 2017 06:16:07
Bruce Foster played the piano parts on Kiss' 'Nothin' To Lose' from their debut. He's one of the few musicians ever credited on a Kiss album.
#60 | gdazegod |  ? 
at August 21 2017 05:54:56
I've got the 1995 Long Island CD version, which features a few tracks off this album.
#61 | Nick C |  ? 
at August 20 2017 22:03:25
Yeah...I still love the sleeve, I'll have to get it out of the loft - it's not in my main collection as it's partly unplayable. I was just looking at replacing it on CD, wish I'd have thought sooner as the prices are whacked, might invest in a fresh piece of vinyl off eBay over the next few weeks.
#62 | Eric |  ? 
at August 20 2017 21:59:20
Ha! I bought 'Blurred Crusade' for the sleeve too! Very proggy looking and fortunately the music was great too.
Tai Phong cover? Didn't see that coming.....clap
#64 | Nick C |  ? 
at August 20 2017 21:56:17
Blurred Crusade was an excellent album which I originally bought for the cover only...ha. I should replace it as it has a big ding in side 1 from many years ago when I skillfully dropped the vinyl against the corner of my hifi unit.
#65 | Explorer |  ? 
at August 20 2017 21:33:30
An under appreciated band for sure. Personal favourites of mine are 'Some time,Anywhere' and 'Gold Afternoon Fix', good to see The Church represented here at GDM.
No ava#66 | dude24 |  ? 
at August 18 2017 22:04:18
My favorite solo album by John. Great songs and production.
#67 | bpdp3 |  ? 
at August 17 2017 01:36:10
Sheesh, not one mention of what to me is CLEARLY the best track, "love won't last"!!?!eek
....anyway, really great lp that this review led me to. Thanks!
These are the musicians listed on the back cover of the LP

Bernie Shanahan: vocals, guitars, piano, harmonica
Sharon Golub: keyboards, background vocals
Ronnie Gesser: bass, drum programming, background vocals
John Putnam: guitars, slide guitar, pedal steel, background vocals
James Murphy: drums, percussion
#69 | gdazegod |  ? 
at August 15 2017 01:09:56
Reviewing these best of lists again. I forgot that Kelv mentioned Swedish band HOPE, and their great 'All Of My Days' album. i didn't discover this band until well after 2008!
No ava#70 | dude24 |  ? 
at August 14 2017 17:29:11
I feel that both Malice albums were solid releases, Priest clones or not. I prefer ITB over LTK. Got to see them live in 1987 opening for Motorhead in Old Forge, PA.
It´s not so bad imho ,very dated but it´s always a pleasure to hear Iris singing
Lots of flourishing guitar antics against pretty decent song arrangements that deliver charged up variety. ‘Don’t Talk Back’ has an understated, almost new wave rock Cheap Trick vibe. ‘Baby Now I’ is another spirited ride.
#73 | gdazegod |  ? 
at August 12 2017 03:55:28
Robert Anthony Aviles passed away in 2014. He was a virtuoso violin player, and has left his mark in numerous musical ventures over the past 30 years.
#74 | gdazegod |  ? 
at August 12 2017 03:47:28
Insight - 1989 Albatross
YouTube Video
#75 | gdazegod |  ? 
at August 09 2017 13:13:46
Ignition - 2003 Should Have Done You Right
YouTube Video
Motley Crue - 1983 Looks That Kill
YouTube Video
Rob has a new album out in 2017. It's called 'Blackbirds'. Might review it as a companion piece to this one.
I've always thought this guy is a joke especially when compared to Steve Perry and I have seen many daring to do this comparison. He certainly would have liked to be Steve Perry but he falls short even in being a good Perry clone IMHO. I find his vocals extremely weak and thin with no power at all. He leaves me with an impression he sings with falsetto all the time.

I will admit I like a few songs from this album as well as from his solo career and the Ramos-Hugo album, but there's where the story ends for me.
No ava#79 | super80boy |  ? 
at August 06 2017 17:39:31
I’ve always preferred this second offering over the subdued aor-lite debut. I like the added keyboard stabs in ‘Carie Ann’. The passionate female AOR ‘Heart Of Hearts’ is a standout and the seductive fade in and out female vocals in ‘Big Bang Theory’ are a nice touch. Both side openers have a new wave slant to them. Of their two albums, this platter is the much better proposition.
#80 | reyno-roxx |  ? 
at August 06 2017 09:35:03
This is a point worth noting regarding licensing. The Angel and Morher's Finest 'Iron Age' releases are two other examples of how protracted things can get. So while I understand the frustrations aired by members as to why RC do some reissues and why not others, it is often that things ARE wanting to be released but the issue over rights prevents things from happening.
#81 | gdazegod |  ? 
at August 05 2017 22:41:32
Briar - 1988 Frankie (UK video version)
YouTube Video

Briar - 1988 Frankie (US video version)
YouTube Video
#82 | gdazegod |  ? 
at August 05 2017 22:10:28
Valentine - 1990 Tears In The Night
YouTube Video
#83 | gdazegod |  ? 
at August 05 2017 22:05:00
Only six years late, since I first announced that this album gets a Rock Candy reissue (see above). Better late than never I guess.
#84 | rkbluez |  ? 
at August 05 2017 19:48:24
Solid album the Rock Candy version sounds great...bring on Rockinghorse.
#85 | gdazegod |  ? 
at August 04 2017 23:30:36
The vocal on 'Lover Of Mine' is exceptional.
#86 | reyno-roxx |  ? 
at August 04 2017 22:05:08
The best album this band ever recorded and one of the very best CCM albums ever released,
First became aware of Alannah thanks to the 'Black Velvet' video being played on Much Music when I visited Hamilton, Ontario to do a featur for K! on Brughtin Rock. The station played Sass Jordan's 'Tell Somebody' straight afterwards. I went over to the record store across the street from my hotel as soon as it opened and picked up both albums. I interviewed Alannah on her first trip to the UK promoting the album. She was lovely and impressed by my knowledge of òbscure Canadian rock bands.
#88 | Eric |  ? 
at August 04 2017 17:21:09
Yes, a couple of Mann's solos are worthy of inclusion here although her most recent while quirky, is disappointing.....
#89 | Eric |  ? 
at August 04 2017 17:19:04
Never understood her appeal musically? Fairly average stuff, in particular the big single.
#90 | gdazegod |  ? 
at August 04 2017 04:52:20
Guardian - 1990 Power Of Love
YouTube Video

Guardian - 1990 Send A Message
YouTube Video

Guardian - 1990 Time Stands Still
YouTube Video
#91 | rkbluez |  ? 
at August 04 2017 04:38:41
Great album...IMO their best...classic melodic hard rock at it's finest.
#92 | gdazegod |  ? 
at August 04 2017 03:09:18
Alannah Myles - 1989 Black Velvet
YouTube Video

Alannah Myles - 1989 Love Is
YouTube Video

Alannah Myles - 1989 Lover Of Mine
YouTube Video
#93 | gdazegod |  ? 
at August 04 2017 00:37:10
Til Tuesday - 1986 What About Love
YouTube Video

Til Tuesday - 1986 Coming Up Close
YouTube Video
#94 | gdazegod |  ? 
at August 03 2017 23:12:41
Greenway - 1988 In The Danger Zone
YouTube Video
#95 | gdazegod |  ? 
at August 02 2017 23:13:39
Maybe we should look at dragging Dirk here to GDM.. both our reviews of the two albums show Hittman in a favourable light.. hmm!
#96 | Carl Noonan |  ? 
at August 02 2017 23:02:22
Glad to hear about the reissues and new album, thanks Dave.
#97 | gdazegod |  ? 
at August 02 2017 21:51:37
I really enjoyed bands like this back in the 80's. Can also include: Canadians Sword, fellow NYC'ers Spread Eagle, and even Fifth Angel, despite my indifference to Ted Pilot.
#98 | reyno-roxx |  ? 
at August 02 2017 21:14:06
Dirk did indeed record a solo album a few years ago, but it's release remains a bit of a mystery. Both Hittman albums are being re-issued as expanded versions with a lot of previously unreleased material. The debut will be out by the end of the year. A new album is out next year. Michael Buccell was sadly killed in a road accident a few years ago.
#99 | Carl Noonan |  ? 
at August 02 2017 17:51:00
Love this band, big shift in direction on this album from the first but it's still great. Pity they never carried on. Dirk Stevens has a great voice, wish he'd recorded more stuff.
#100 | gdazegod |  ? 
at August 02 2017 08:41:50
I've seen some videos on YouTube with Helen, circa the early 80's. OMG, she looked fantastic. Swoon.. flower
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