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Bolton’s big emotive vocal work added lots of strength to this first-rate effort. Tailor made arena rock with FM radio friendliness. ‘Fighting For My Life’ is a supreme rocker.
No ava#2 | super80boy |  ? 
at March 27 2017 06:17:16
Prey is quite the desirable one off hard rocker with hair/pop metal vibes. Absolutely the best track is melodic opener ‘Poisoned By Love’, but the killer ‘Love Me Or Leave Me’ is a close runner up – nice shredding on this one as well. I like the subtle keyboard work in ‘Crawlin’ and the galloping tempo of ‘Borderline’. Side Two’s gang chorused opener ‘Make Me Do Anything You Want’ is another standout. The hair metal detour on Side Two is first rate.
#3 | dtabachn |  ? 
at March 27 2017 02:48:58
A great album. Upon first listen, I thought it was beyond thrash in heavyness and I still believe it is. I just saw an article on '25 Pantera's greatest songs' in Guitar World's February 2015 issue. All songs were from Cowboys From Hell onwards. I don't understand why neglecting Pantera's 80s albums. It's like neglecting your older children. Agree with the review, they were all great in a different metal style.
'Touch Me' was originally recorded by Fancy and appeared on their debut album. It was a US top 20 hit single to boot.
#5 | melodiapositiva |  ? 
at March 26 2017 04:18:43
This Tao song sounds a lot like Lake,it would be great to listen the whole album ,is it worth?
I will never forget my mother in shock seeing the ''Welcome to Hell''CD I had forgotten on the kitchen table after I returned from school an afternoon in '94! In those cassette-trading years many CD's and MC's were coming and going from our door on a daily basis.

That pent-alpha design on the cover however, was more than enough to grow her long-lasting phobias about a future of her son in satanism Grin
Nice and flowing album but far apart from being anything great or essential. The problem is that this is exactly what you'd expect from Marcie and co - a great result and not just a pass. I think it's a bit too soft and patchy after all for what the Unruly Child legacy deserves.

However, the S/T track is brilliant both in terms of music as well as lyric-wise. Really nice that one!

I'm afraid it will be very difficult for Unruly Child to better the excellent ''Worlds Collide'' in the years to come...
Admittedly, I have never been Place Vendome's biggest fan nor Kiske's, despite me loving Helloween since I remember myself. I have always been on the Deris side plus Kiske has recently adopted a miserable ''sobbing'' in his voice and singing style which literally disgusts me, leading me to skip tracks. Can't help it!

However, if there is one Place Vendome album aside TITD that appeals to me in terms of songwriting, this has to be the one. I believe that the songs are quite good in here - nothing memorable or breathtaking but they do sound more reasonable to my ears. Still IMO this project pales in comparison with ''Sunstorm'' in terms of quality (at least with the first 2 Sunstorm releases), although I remember many compared these 2 at the time they first appeared due to the same core of musicians being shared between the 2 projects.

Likewise, I have started to become very tired with that same 'ol' same 'ol' production and ''AOR by numbers'' the Frontiers label tends to put out. I find a lot more interest in AOR Heaven releases or even in Indie ones.
Disappointed to read this. I was expecting something much much better after I heard and quite liked the released single. A big shame.

From the first moment, I thought about the same regarding the revival of Raw Silk - Kostas should have chosen another bandname for this new band as he is the only member from the original Raw Silk line-up. The Raw Silk moniker not only does lead to inevitable comparisons but does not do justice to the Raw Silk legacy as well, nor does any favors to the guys themselves involved in the band today.
Raw Silk - 2017 Nobody Fills The Loneliness
YouTube Video
#11 | gdazegod |  ? 
at March 25 2017 17:19:51
I wonder if Manowar had caught up with Mark Skelton and Manilla Road along their early 80's journey across America?
I dunno I think it's a bit too close to comfort with the Aerosmith wings to be a coincidence, the skull above is the circled A for all intents and purposes just moved north and the D and B balance out the lower section as per the Aerosmith logo. I'm surprised new bands still use this kind of winged theme now, it's kind of been done to death.
Anyway enough of my griping/observation it's the music that counts at the end of the day.
Pre-ordered it on Bandcamp. Can't wait for the release.
I have high hopes for this one and the favourable review makes me even more impatient!
Actually, if some of you remember when we were redesigning the GDM logo a few years back, the graphic designer I used also threw in the spread wing theme which was too close to the logo. I'm assuming any graphic designer used on the DWB project may not have been aware of any association.
What does their logo remind me of....hmmmmmmmmm. Grin
And deservedly so George. I just don't understand how it slipped my attention. Might be that 2016 was a rather poor year in my book and this little gem was only released in the last quarter of it.

I rarely get excited with newcomers anymore but this guy has left me speechless.To my ears,he blends the finest vocal elements of Mark Free, Kelly Hansen, Eric Martin and even Steve Lee in places. The Pride of Lions cover of course refers directly to the excellent Toby Hitchcock as well, but IMO BC''s vocal color is more"rounded" versatile and 3-dimensional. BC also incorporates many different techniques and styles, differentiating hinself from TB.

I'm quite surprised he released a country album prior to "Sands of Tine". He is "our guy" Wink

Anyhow, If this guy doesn't build up a career in the music business then this business is deaf and hopeless for sure.
#18 | gdazegod |  ? 
at March 23 2017 12:14:25
Well it made my Top 10 for 2016. I think Top 5 even.
How the hell did I miss this? Oh man, what voice is this?!!

Now I know what's the best thing released in 2016. And by a country mile....
First, I've got to say I like the "essential series" idea...nice way to capture a given genre.

I turned 14 in 1980 (my "ground zero" year for music) so these nwobhm albums were some of my early bread and butter. Your list will get no arguments from me (and a few I'm unfamiliar with and will have to delve into).

For those who discovered Def Lep later on, trust me that their debut as a bunch of teenage unknowns was really a killer at the time. That lp came out of nowhere and had tough but melodic songs.
I read on their Facebook page that they categorise themselves as melodic rock and AOR. Sorry to say: that description is incorrect and misleading.. well half of it is.
Brilliant list. Nice to see Venom among the selections, I am fond of their early rawness. And it also scared me at first, lol!
I didn't pick up on Angel Witch until well after the NWOBHM was over. Hence why they are not on this first volume.
What? No Angel Witch?!! Just kidding! Great list and I bought all this stuff back then with the exception of Venom which scared me a little bit..Shock
#25 | gdazegod |  ? 
at March 21 2017 09:31:28
This album was strangely missing from my collection, just picked it up today. Bloody good. In fact, doing a complete Saxon discography update, including reissues and remasters.
#26 | englandashes |  ? 
at March 21 2017 06:54:37
Yes excellent detective work Gerard, I have also got the Wade Hubbard album, no way in the world would I have made the connection.
I have seen that. Much better than the official logo, isn't it?
#28 | swazi |  ? 
at March 21 2017 04:58:16
Ha! I knew this cover looked familiar! I actually own the LP for nearly 30 years and played it often in my DJ days way back then. Great memories! Thumbs Up
Great EP!! Thumbs Up
I was working at Bullet Records through this period, and coupled with all the American imports we were selling, it was a great time to be a rock fan.
Rickie Lee Jones - 1989 The Horses
YouTube Video

The Daryl Braithwaite version has become the national anthem of the state of Victoria - Australia, where I currently live, due to its overwhelming popularity around the horse racing season, which is pretty much 9 months of the year.
Creye - 2017 No Easy Way Out (Robert Tepper cover)
YouTube Video
Creye - 2017 Straight To The Top
YouTube Video
Hi PJ, I probably should have put a note on Facebook sooner. My bad.
PJ here, thank you so much for the kind words! I had been keeping an eye out on Facebook for the review, as we truly appreciate the support! in love
Dave, you' re right about Aerosmith's logo. The ambigram logo is not actually the official Aerosmith logo. It was created by designer John Langdon as a gift from Dan Brown to Steven Tyler.
#37 | gdazegod |  ? 
at March 20 2017 09:03:02
Thanks for the info gerard. At least we have cleared this up.
No ava#38 | gerard |  ? 
at March 20 2017 07:43:40
Yeah, I have the 'Insanity Lane' album. I like it quite a bit. Soulful pop, I would say. Checked an old issue of Belgian magazine Rock Report and in 1997 it had a brief interview with Wade Hubbard in which he mentions his 'Foreign Shores' album which he released as E. Wade. So E. Wade is indeed Wade Hubbard. David Hasselhoff apparently recorded a bunch of songs by W.H. Unfortunately Wade Hubbard has passed away.
#39 | gdazegod |  ? 
at March 20 2017 07:04:38
Thanks gerard. Yeah, he could be the same guy, I had a look on Ebay at that 'Insanity Lane' release (from 1994),there is a picture of him on the back cover, he's wearing a beret (a la Dave Bickler, Survivor). Doing a few web searches draws up inconclusive results however.
No ava#40 | super80boy |  ? 
at March 20 2017 02:25:56
This obscurity was a pleasant surprise for me in the High Tech AOR arena – for which I have a collecting soft spot for. From the first looks at the album however, I thought there could be a bunch of sappy songs on board. I was thankfully wrong - it’s catchy swift paced tunes with the full compliments of the high tech AOR formula. The album starts with the bright title song/album single and continues the pace with driving guitars in ‘Something In The Way’ and the melancholic ‘Try To Remember’. Side 2 starts with the energetic and highly infectious ‘Stay with Me’. ‘You Shouldn’t Have Told Me’ is also a winner!
#41 | Eric |  ? 
at March 20 2017 01:38:07
'Really Wanna Know You' was a hit here in the states, his last.
#42 | Eric |  ? 
at March 20 2017 01:36:17
Nailed it. computer work
I can't even talk about Aerosmith - Rocks without getting all misty eyed. My favourite album ever! Nice to see Riot - Fire Down Under in there too.
Carolyn Ray is the sister of ex Reggie Knighton Band and long-time Paul McCartney guitarist Bryan Ray.
#45 | reyno-roxx |  ? 
at March 19 2017 22:34:15
Nice piece in Fireworks too, Malcolm. I must get this album.
A really neat article with some great choices. I would question Aerosmith's logo being an ambigram though. The word can be written as an ambigram, but that 70's logo doesn't read the same upside down unfortunately. I had an interesting e-mail chat with Bob Petrick about his Angel logo a few years ago. Fascinating character.
No ava#47 | gerard |  ? 
at March 19 2017 21:16:39
If I'm not mistaken E Wade is the same artist as Wade Hubbard who released an album called 'Insanity Lane'. Not completely sure though...
As a child in the late 50`s into the 60`s and a teen in the 70`s I`d like to think I was really lucky to be born when I was. This list just reinforces that premise, some absolute classics here. A golden era never to be repeated.
All excellent choices. Riot and Van Halen are particularly inspiring to me.
#50 | gdazegod |  ? 
at March 19 2017 19:32:56
A.S.A.P - 1989 Silver And Gold (not the best vid out there)
YouTube Video
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