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No ava#1 | super80boy |  ? 
at June 25 2017 02:46:24
I’ve had this CD for years, but recently found a nice vinyl copy. JET RED was a completely over-looked talent. They pivot from metal to hard rock to melodic rock effortlessly. ‘Outside’ has an infectious mid-tempo melody with the addition of ear pleasing guitar work – a standout. The brisk ‘Let It Roll’ is another top choice! The album ends with another killer cut in ‘From The Skies’, which delves into progressive leanings.
I think to hell with the devil deserves a review.
One of the best hair metal albums of the 80´s with a singer that should be rated as one of the best heavy metal singers ever .
#3 | gdazegod |  ? 
at June 21 2017 21:22:51
What wasn't mentioned with this review, is that the album was produced by Dann Huff. I know that Dann was working with some fairly heavy bands during the late 90's, so I haven't heard how they sound. This certainly isn't the trademark Megadeth from the RIP era of 1990, but I am interested in hearing any/all Huff produced albums during this timeframe.
#4 | reyno-roxx |  ? 
at June 21 2017 07:44:10
New interview with Marc Phillips in the latest issue of Fireworks tells the full Hotel story. A fascinating character to talk to.
I think side b is much weaker than a ,and my favourite song is "how it feels" .
I can hear some Firefall influences and even Toto ,i suppose that "hold the line" fame made some impact on them.
I've kinda written parts of a review in my head for this one, thinking I might get to it if no one else did. I basically agree, although I'd rate it higher simply because it sounds really good. I do agree that it's missing the killer hooks, as I've had a hard time separating the songs in my head. But all the ingredients are there. The comparison to Elevener (the first album, at least - the second one wasn't nearly as good) is apt. And it reminds me of the only (so far) album by The Magnificent, one that George gave a perfect 10. This one will be a contender for my top 10 if it grows on me, as it could.
#7 | gdazegod |  ? 
at June 19 2017 19:26:13
In 2017, it's unfortunate that this band have lost four out of it's five members, with only founding member Filippa Nassil the last one standing.

All is not lost, Filippa has bought in new members and Thundermother is now back on the road again.
Strangely, this album has been repackaged in 2017 under the album title 'Karma'. It contains all of the songs from this 2015 effort. What is going on Mr Kelly?
No ava#9 | super80boy |  ? 
at June 19 2017 06:44:14
I finally tracked this vinyl down a few months ago. My copy came with a signed promotional letter from Rick Wakefield - (“leader”) as he calls his title in the letter. Anyway – the letter states the band was based in Western Washington state. Rick goes on to say they opened for a variety of bigger bands on tour, played the night club scene and received airplay in several Midwest states and in New York. The songs he calls out as “recommended cuts” are ‘Send up A Rainbow’, ‘The Place’ and album opener ‘On The Run’. I’d agree with his recommendations and would add the pompous keyed up workout ‘Queen Of The Forest’ and the rocking ‘Time Won’t Last’.
Feehan really hits his stride on this powerful album. Lots of big names are enlisted for the proceedings – Marx, Lukather, Funderburk and Landau to just name a few. Agreed – this should have been the album that pushed him into higher success levels.
Thanks Pavlos for the correction. Article now updated.
#12 | Explorer |  ? 
at June 17 2017 09:59:55
Like Nick, I was unsure about this when it first came out.
Much darker than the first album, but it throws up some intriguing sounds and is definitely more full on `Prog` than the fairly accessible AOR/Prog hybrid debut. I actually return to this album on a regular basis, and look forward to the new album.
Nice review of a long forgotten NWOBHM classic!!!!

But: The last sentence is wrong as there was an official re-release last year (2016). The label (No Remorse Records from Greece) released the album under the CRYER moniker and named it "The single / Set me free...".
#14 | Eric |  ? 
at June 17 2017 08:48:33
As I've said before on these pages and quite recent as yesterday(!), this is a band I didn't quite 'get'. Not sure why? On paper I should love these guys but alas, nothing. Maybe the upcoming release will grab me?
Wow! I'd forgotten about this album. Man, where has the time gone?
#16 | Nick C |  ? 
at June 17 2017 03:11:37
Although not on par with the debut I really like this one. At first it didn't hit the mark completely with me especially the meandering Wheels of Life. But time has been a friend to this for me and the aforementioned track I now really like, the album is almost as indispensable as the debut these days. Full of good stuff - I especially like the delicate Not the Only One.
Force - 1984 Don't Throw My Love Away
YouTube Video
Yes, totally agree with you George, very good album, especially the title track.
#19 | Emda |  ? 
at June 15 2017 04:40:26
Yes they do Eric. Marathon "The First Run" always comes on my mind when talking about dutch prog.
Mark Slaughter - 2017 Devoted
YouTube Video
Mark Slaughter - 2017 Hey You
YouTube Video
#22 | gdazegod |  ? 
at June 14 2017 14:25:02
IQ - 1987 Promises (As The Years Go By)
YouTube Video
#23 | gdazegod |  ? 
at June 14 2017 14:20:00
Liv Sin - 2017 Let Me Out
YouTube Video
#24 | gdazegod |  ? 
at June 14 2017 14:16:44
Stefanie - 2017 Word Man
YouTube Video
#25 | gdazegod |  ? 
at June 14 2017 14:14:33
Wolfpakk - 2017 Falling
YouTube Video
#26 | george_the_jack |  ? 
at June 14 2017 00:06:05
Stun Leer- 1998 If You Want Love
YouTube Video
#27 | george_the_jack |  ? 
at June 14 2017 00:05:32
Stun Leer - 1998 Eye To Eye
YouTube Video
#28 | Eric |  ? 
at June 13 2017 08:30:48
Agree with Thomas! So much more CCM/AOR to cover....
#29 | Eric |  ? 
at June 13 2017 08:29:14
Hold on to that CD! Its long out of print on Musea... The Dutch always seem to do prog right don't they?
Good songs,decent musicians and mediocre singer.
Torben sounds like Jim jidhed on a bad day !
I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about this one, as well as Steve Overland's solo album last year. I do like this, but no particular song has grabbed me as much as several from their last two albums, particularly a couple from "Ghost In The Mirror" that make it to many of my workout playlists. I'll see how much this grows on me over the next few months.
7 Miles To Pittsburgh - 2017 Earth Dance
YouTube Video
7 Miles To Pittsburgh - 2017 Jambalaya
YouTube Video
No ava#34 | super80boy |  ? 
at June 12 2017 11:12:37
Great expressive guitar work, huge power ballads and strong production values culminate in a stout melodic hard rock album. Of course Def Leppard comes to mind as soon as you here the sweeping chorus in ‘Foolin’ – However this ten song set delivers the hard rock goods.
No ava#35 | super80boy |  ? 
at June 12 2017 07:31:51
I recently found this CD in a local record store and jumped on it – knowing it was a rather obscure progressive rocker. ‘Aim At The Head’, ‘Brain Damage’ and ‘Woman’ are album standouts. An excellent private press production.
#36 | melodiapositiva |  ? 
at June 11 2017 06:30:36
Roy khan is without any doubt a "different" singer.
He´s far from the tipical screamer of this genere ,and that´s what makes Kamelot appealing .
Without him ,it´s sure that i wouldn´t like this band ,because they are really repetitive ,Fourth legacy,karma and this album songs could be all in the same album,there´s little progress.Except for the ballads ,they always play at the same speed and that´s boring!
Anyway what they do they do it great ,but it would have been better if they had followed the style of Conception or Savatage ,much more varied bands.
Wow, in the beginning of ‘On Good Turn’, you’d think Robert Plant was guesting. This dude Michael White was a clear fan of Led Zep and lead man Robert Plant’s style. Enjoyable Plant/Zep influenced melodic rock with an updated 80’s sound and production.
So far, the best album of the year by a long mile..absolutely killer album
Nice to see this featured here!

CCM/AOR 4 ever
Whoever, invented those electric drums has a lot to answer for.
Only one thing to say. Killer album, one of the top ones in 2017.
#42 | gdazegod |  ? 
at June 07 2017 10:43:43
Helker - 2017 Empty Room
YouTube Video
#43 | gdazegod |  ? 
at June 07 2017 10:42:37
Helker - 2017 Fight (Lyric Video)
YouTube Video
#44 | gdazegod |  ? 
at June 07 2017 10:40:13
Rushing Wind - 1985 You're The One
YouTube Video
#45 | gdazegod |  ? 
at June 07 2017 10:36:54
Here is the members link to the DL of this album.. @320 kbps

Night Flight Orchestra - 2017 Gemini
YouTube Video
Night Flight Orchestra - 2017 Josephine
YouTube Video
Night Flight Orchestra - 2017 Midnight Flyer
YouTube Video
Top album...have to say Davy looks a little grizzled and biker tough on the CD tray rather than the pouting glam god of old, but after all no-one stays the same (I say looking in the mirror at my own dishevelled mug). Who cares though especially when the music hits the target so consistently...I don't think (Davy) Vain have ever made a bad album.
#50 | englandashes |  ? 
at June 05 2017 09:27:51
Remember seeing them supporting Dio on the Sacred Heart tour, other than their cover of Because The Night that night they really passed me both, in later years picked them up on vinyl, but out of all the US bands at the time, never become my main focus, might just dig them out again for a reassessment
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