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Rock Candy Latest
35254 609 rkbluez
20-10-2017 22:10
Reviews coming up from me
Anything Goes
164 9 melodiapositiva
20-10-2017 16:53
Anything Goes
31 0 gdazegod
20-10-2017 12:16
OK we are back.. yay!
Anything Goes
468 23 swazi
18-10-2017 19:06
System problems
Anything Goes
208 16 swazi
18-10-2017 19:02
Closing this Sub-Forum
Upcoming Releases (Release Dates)
42 0 gdazegod
18-10-2017 11:03
John Wetton - Akustika and Akustika II
Upcoming Releases (Release Dates)
26 0 gdazegod
16-10-2017 09:47
Black Bambi released finally!
Anything Goes
218 13 darkblue
15-10-2017 21:19
Madam X - 2017 Monstrosity (Oct 31)
Upcoming Releases (Release Dates)
114 4 darkblue
15-10-2017 21:09
Update to Twitter Feeds
Anything Goes
60 2 gdazegod
15-10-2017 08:24
Dave Hlubek, Molly Hatchet (aged 66)
93 6 rkbluez
04-09-2017 21:42
Walter Becker
91 6 Jez
04-09-2017 19:01
Michael Johnson (folk rock/country artist)
33 1 Eric
04-09-2017 14:27
Shy talk.
Review Requests?
542 17 melodiapositiva
31-08-2017 09:59
'The BANG Story: From the Basement to the Brigh...
94 1 Eric
29-08-2017 22:06
Latest Reviews
Autograph - 2017 Get Off Your Ass
You'll either love it or hate it, apart from Lynch and Randy Rand, the two new blokes put on a good show but in my books it's not really Autograph as we remember them by.

Atlas (UK) - 2017 World In Motion [ep]
A good announcement for this young English band, we look forward to their progress over the coming months. Check them out on their Bandcamp page.
Lionheart (UK) - 2017 Second Nature
It's good hearing the band again, and with Lee Small now in the fold, it looks likely that Lionheart are in for the long haul. The material on 'Second Nature' should appeal to all the GDM regulars. What's not to like?

Deezer Last FM
Tangier - 1985 Tangier
Besides its unpolished production, Tangier's 1985 independent debut will please mid 80's melodic rock fans with quality songs and a very unique singer and overall sound. I would call it a real diamond in the rough..

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Krayz - 1986 Dreamer
From upstate New York, Krayz deliver an interesting hard rock indie platter, which combines tight/tough hard rock with some keyboard touches.

Kiss - 1992 Revenge
'Revenge' is frequently hailed as Kiss' best unmasked-era album. To me, that award goes to 'Lick It Up'. Although a vast improvement over the lame 'Hot In The Shade', this is on par with Kiss' 80's output, no more.

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Cooper, Alice - 1982 Zipper Catches Skin
Of all the obscure albums in his catalogue, 'Zipper Catches Skin' might be Alice Cooper's most forgotten effort of all.

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Accept - 2017 The Rise Of Chaos
If Accept started the Mark Tornillo era with a bang in 2010, then it's been all downhill ever since. Accept have somehow turned into one of the most boring bands in the world, competing with Saxon for the crown.

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Suntower - 1994 Suntower
Suntower were a Massachusetts based band that released a one-off album in 1994. The dominant force on the album is lead guitarist (and producer) Emit Sweet, who provides the guitar overrule at nearly every maneuverable turn on this album.

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Walker, Brett - 1994 Nevertheless
He's no longer with us, but the late Brett Walker left a legacy of music that appeals greatly to GDM'ers, including his 1994 debut 'Nevertheless'.
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