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AOR, Melodic Rock and HM Charts
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317 7 gdazegod
20-02-2017 08:07
Scott Baio, at it again (Trump supporter)
184 6 Eric
19-02-2017 05:04
Michael Bolton, as you've never seen him!
Videos (You Tube, Google Video etc)
120 5 Nick C
16-02-2017 20:26
End of the road for Classic Rock/Prog mags?
628 25 Nick C
16-02-2017 20:11
R.I.P Al Jarreau
114 5 darkblue
14-02-2017 08:26
New Ayreon - 2017 The Day The World Breaks Down
Videos (You Tube, Google Video etc)
63 3 darkblue
09-02-2017 04:59
Steve Lang - April WIne R.I.P
22 0 gdazegod
08-02-2017 19:00
2016/2017 - Keeping A Tab
1076 33 Eric
06-02-2017 00:38
R.I.P. John Wetton
214 11 Nick C
02-02-2017 21:39
TSAR - Girl Who Wouldn't Die
Videos (You Tube, Google Video etc)
218 7 jefflynnefan
02-02-2017 11:36
Latest Reviews
Billy Thermal - 2014 Billy Thermal
He's better known as one-half of the songwriting team of Steinberg/Kelly. A duo who were all over the songwriting credits of top artists during the 80's, but Billy Steinberg had more to his bow than just songwriting.
Theocracy - 2016 Ghost Ship
Ulterium Records have got a decent band on their books, and I think metallers will enjoy Theocracy with or without the Christian background. Get into it!
Blues Image - 1970 Open
Here's an interesting outfit from sun-dappled Tampa, Florida that had a major hit single and fell into obscurity quicker than you can say one hit wonder.
X Japan - 1996 Dahlia
X Japan are one, if not the biggest selling metal band in their home country. Let's delve into '1996's 'Dahlia'..
Davis, Derek - 2017 Revolutionary Soul
Here's the second solo effort from former Babylon AD singer Derek Davis.
Icehouse - 1987 Man Of Colours
One of my favourite Australian albums from the 80's was this 1987 effort from Iva Davies and his band Icehouse, called 'Man Of Colours'.
Santa Ana Winds - 2016 Santa Ana Winds
It's a shame that the lifeblood of the Santa Ana Winds project is no longer with us, so one assumes this will be the first and last outing of this collective.
Enbound - 2016 The Blackened Heart
'The Blackened Heart' does have its merits, but coming at the tail-end of 2016, and after having listened to some goodies well before then, I think the opportunity was missed.
Lioncage - 2017 The Second Strike
German trio Lioncage were previously with Escape Music, now their second album 'The Second Strike' will be released by Pride And Joy Music in late March 2017.
Ballyhoo - 1981 Man On The Moon
Bands like Stingray and Rabbit were well known South African bands, but one shouldn't forget another mainstay: Ballyhoo.
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