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New Australian Band Cherry Grind
Anything Goes
25 0 david
28-08-2016 10:08
Staff and Member PLAYLISTS!
Anything Goes
28119 788 darkblue
28-08-2016 08:54
New Female AOR Finds
Anything Goes
225 3 kim_hp
28-08-2016 07:57
New reissue label
Anything Goes
55 0 phil storace
27-08-2016 19:43
Lachy Doley Group - sensational
Anything Goes
51 1 gdazegod
25-08-2016 09:43
Walter Zwol - Thrillz
Anything Goes
41 0 chrismayek
25-08-2016 04:58
Anyone up for some Kraftwerk?
Anything Goes
103 8 bpdp3
24-08-2016 15:11
The return of LA rockers SNOW
Anything Goes
64 0 gdazegod
21-08-2016 08:55
Dual keyboard and lead guitar solo. Amazing!
Anything Goes
99 1 dtabachn
19-08-2016 11:53
Koslen, Breathless, Heroes info wanted
Anything Goes
160 5 stevious
17-08-2016 01:38


Latest Reviews

Scaramouche - 1981 Scaramouche
From an era when symphonic rock was prevalent throughout Europe, comes the sole LP from German band Scaramouche.
Dunson, Van - 1979 Van Dunson
Here's a rare LP from 1979 that will appeal to those GDM readers who are into symphonic pop.
Liaison - 1989 Liaison
This 1989 debut is one of the best of its kind from that era. The songs are all immaculately produced, but it's the songwriting effort from Larry and Tim Melby which allows this album to glide from start to finish.
Kaato - 2016 Kaato
An interesting new band based around the vocal talent of Australian Kurt Lowney, with ties to Japan and Nashville.
Fagin, Joe - 1983 Why Don't We Spend The Night
When this album surfaced in 1983 it was hot on the heels of his chart success and the album is mostly a compilation of singles Fagin recorded in the early 80's. Regardless, it's a perfect demonstration of Fagin's gritty, Joe Cocker styled vocals..
Jordan, Marc - 1983 A Hole In The Wall
The album fits easily into the West Coast category, an AOR classic of major proportions, recorded in the right period with the right musicians needed to put the final stamp on the albums timeless appeal.
Blue Oyster Cult - 1974 Secret Treaties
Released in Spring of 1974, the album is considered by many to be BOC's best..
Outlasted - 2016 Into The Night
'Into The Night' is pretty good for what it is, though not really offering up anything truly unique. But as most of the readers at GDM are diehard fans of the genre, we'll take it nonetheless.
Jarreau, Al - 1981 Breakin' Away
This record takes me way back into time. 'Breakin' Away' won the best vocal performance award at the 1982 Grammys, and was also nominated for album of the year. Not hard to see why.
Tarzen - 1985 Tarzen
Produced by the renowned Stuart Epps (Elton John, Led Zeppelin), this is a dynamic chunk of melodic hard rock, a cross betweenDef Leppard, the Kiss of 'Animalize' and some Van Halen hints.


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