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3 x Flag reissues for 2016!
261 12 gdazegod
22-10-2016 08:14
New FnA Records reissues: Snowmen and Witchunt
Upcoming Releases (Release Dates)
307 17 darkblue
19-10-2016 07:15
Chain Reaction (Phil Naro)
Videos (You Tube, Google Video etc)
42 0 Nick C
13-10-2016 14:13
Grim Reaper - Walking In The Shadows (2016)
Upcoming Releases (Release Dates)
55 1 gdazegod
13-10-2016 10:27
White Widdow - 2016 Silhouette
Upcoming Releases (Release Dates)
150 5 gdazegod
13-10-2016 08:53
Sing Like Talking (Japanese West Coast)
Videos (You Tube, Google Video etc)
37 0 gdazegod
11-10-2016 22:45
Kee Marcello - Scaling Up (2016)
Upcoming Releases (Release Dates)
76 1 rkbluez
11-10-2016 02:47
Sumerlands, new American HM
Videos (You Tube, Google Video etc)
53 1 darkblue
05-10-2016 07:40
Saecred Spirit - Unbreakable
Upcoming Releases (Release Dates)
37 0 gdazegod
19-09-2016 11:54
Thundertrain Documentary
Videos (You Tube, Google Video etc)
49 1 Explorer
10-09-2016 05:18

Latest Reviews

Mecca - 2016 III
To describe Mecca in a few words: 'this is probably the next best exponent of AOR and west coast since Toto'. 'Mecca III' should be there or thereabouts for top 10 honours later in the year.
Southside Johnny And The Jukes - 1984 In The Heat
Even if Southside Johnny isn't your cup of tea, this is still worth investigating if you're partial to AOR of the ultra-commercial variety that was so prevalent in 1984. You've heard it all before, but it doesn't stop it from being an enjoyable romp.
Northbound - 1983 Northbound
'Northbound' covers all the familiar AOR avenues frequently heard at the time, with the Christian emphasis not as readily obvious as many other bands. The music here is of the highest caliber, especially for a debut.
Headpins - 1982 Turn It Loud
'Turn It Loud' was Headpins debut LP from 1982, and was a fiery full of energy 8-tracker.
New England - 2016 Live At The Regent Theater
This album is a stunning display from a band that arguably helped write the rule book when it comes to melodic hard rock. Quite, quite brilliant.
Stanley, Michael (Band) - 1982 MSB
One of the four classic era albums from the Michael Stanely Band during the early to mid 80's.
Stanley, Michael (Band) - 1976 Ladies Choice
Back to 1976, with an album few would call being one of the best from the Michael Stanley Band..
Iron City Houserockers - 1980 Have A Good Time But..Get Out Alive
Here's the second LP from Pittsburgh's Iron City Houserockers which comes under the GDM microscope.
Sumerlands - 2016 Sumerlands
As a debut, 'Sumerlands' is pretty good, and worthy of a listen if underground metal is your thing.
Grim Reaper - 2016 Walking In The Shadows
There's a full twelve tracks here, the music is pretty solid throughout, though there isn't a great deal of variation in style. No ballads were attempted in the making of this album, so that should give you some indication of the Grim Reaper approach in 2016.


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