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Lionville - A World Of Fools - 2017-02-24
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43 3 gdazegod
02-12-2016 14:47
Iconic Eye update
80 0 Explorer
20-11-2016 02:04
New FnA Records reissues: Snowmen and Witchunt
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713 30 darkblue
09-11-2016 09:04
ANDY ROCK - This Time (2016)
Upcoming Releases (Release Dates)
108 0 aortrooper
05-11-2016 03:30
3 x Flag reissues for 2016!
431 13 darkblue
22-10-2016 22:29
Chain Reaction (Phil Naro)
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114 0 Nick C
13-10-2016 14:13
Grim Reaper - Walking In The Shadows (2016)
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122 1 gdazegod
13-10-2016 10:27
White Widdow - 2016 Silhouette
Upcoming Releases (Release Dates)
273 5 gdazegod
13-10-2016 08:53
Sing Like Talking (Japanese West Coast)
Videos (You Tube, Google Video etc)
86 0 gdazegod
11-10-2016 22:45
Kee Marcello - Scaling Up (2016)
Upcoming Releases (Release Dates)
145 1 rkbluez
11-10-2016 02:47

Latest Reviews

Boom Boom Mancini - 1986 Boom Boom Mancini
'Boom Boom Mancini' is definitely entrenched with the mid 80's production techniques, which are all over this album. It's definitely worth an investigation if you're into this kind of stuff, especially the similarity to all the Canadian references made in the article.
Savatage - 1987 Hall Of The Mountain King
All in all, this was a notable change foe Savatage, and though not their best release, it set them on their way.
Ayreon - 1995 The Final Experiment
Lately I have been watching a US/Canadian TV series called 'Travelers'. The story concerns the downfall of humanity, and how it affects the future. This debut Ayreon album is the audio equivalent of such a theme.
Scarbury, Joey - 1981 America's Greatest Hero
A sure-fire contender for a one-hit wonder award is L.A based singer Joey Scarbury. Many will remember him as the voice behind the TV series theme song for 'America's Greatest Hero' ..
Dore, Charlie - 1981 Listen!
Anyone who remembers the hit single from 1979 called 'Pilot Of The Airwaves' will know that is was penned by female English folk rock singer Charlie Dore. Here she is in 1981 hooking up wth the band Toto!
Jans, Tom - 1982 Champion
Here's a name that deserves to be better known among the AOR and West Coast communities. His name is Tom Jans
Lucid Fly - 2016 Building Castles In Air
Here's a recent album that comes at us from left-field. They are the Californian trio called Lucid Fly
Grieco, Richard - 1995 Waiting For The Sky To Fall
Who remembers actor Richard Grieco? No? Yes? You'd have to wind the clock back nearly 30 years to tickle the memory bank. After bumping into GDM hero Mark Spiro and roping in his sister's hubby John Dunmore, Grieco assembled a decent set of players for his debut album.
Andersson, Stefan - 1993 Walk Right On
From Gothenburg, the home of many a Swedish power metal band, Stefan's music is at the other end of the musical scale, playing different styles, kinda West Coast, more Midwest, with a hint of country and folk tossed in.
Carstensen, Dee - 1993 Beloved One
If you like the direction which the Burns Sisters took during their 90's folk era, or Canadian Loreena McKennit then you might like this. It combines ambient layers with a folk/pop style, coming off perhaps over-produced at times, but probably a good fit for GDM regulars.


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